Valdez Is Coming (1971)

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    • Valdez Is Coming (1971)




      Plot Summary
      The town constable, Bob Valdez, is forced to kill someone accused by Frank Tanner
      of being a murderer. Valdez asks Tanner for monetary help for the man's wife,
      but he is ridiculed and almost killed by Tanner's henchmen.
      Valdez recovers and summons up his days in the U.S. Cavalry in order to fight them.
      Valdez wounds one of the henchmen and sends him back to Tanner with the message,
      "Valdez is coming."
      Written by Robbie Burns

      Burt Lancaster ... Valdez
      Susan Clark ... Gay Erin
      Frank Silvera ... Diego
      Jon Cypher ... Frank Tanner
      Richard Jordan ... R. L. Davis
      Barton Heyman ... El Segundo
      Hector Elizondo ... Mexican Rider
      Phil Brown ... Malson
      Ralph Brown ... Beaudry
      Werner Hasselmann ... Sheriff (as Werner Hassleman)
      Lex Monson ... Rincon
      Sylvia Poggioli ... Segundo's Girl (as Sylvia Paggioli)
      José García García ... Carlos (as Jose Garcia Garcia)
      María Montez ... Anita (as Maria Montez)
      Juanita Penaloza ... Indian Woman
      Marta Tuch ... Rosa
      Juan Fernández ... Mexican Buyer (as Juan Fernandez)
      Rudy Ugland ... First Tracker
      Tony Epper ... Bodyguard (as Tony Eppers)
      Vic Albert ... Townsman
      Per Barclay ... Townsman
      Allen Russell ... Townsman
      James Lemp ... Point Rider
      Raoul Castro ... Young Mexican

      Edwin Sherin

      Writing Credits
      Roland Kibbee ... (screenplay) and
      David Rayfiel ... (screenplay)
      Elmore Leonard ... (novel)

      Roland Kibbee ... executive producer
      Sam Manners ... associate producer
      Ira Steiner ... producer
      Burt Lancaster ... executive producer (uncredited)

      Charles Gross

      Gábor Pogány ... director of photography (as Gabor Pogany)

      When MGM producer Ira Steiner took Elmore Leonard's novel to Lancaster,
      the actor agreed to co-produce and co-star as Tanner with Marlon Brando as Valdez,
      David Rayfiel as writer, and Sidney Pollak directing.
      After the picture was postponed to allow Lancaster to do "Airport,"
      the actor decided he wanted to play the title role and engaged Roland Kibbee
      to rewrite the role for him.
      According to Lancaster's biographer Gary Fishgall, none of Rayfiel's writing was used
      although he received co-credit.

      Novice director Ed Sherin, who had guided "The Great White Hope" to stage success,
      was Lancaster's surprise choice to direct "Valdez Is Coming."
      Ironically the film version of "The Great White Hope" directed by Martin Ritt
      was filmed in Spain at the same time "Valdez" was filming.
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      Final film of Frank Silvera.

      Feature film debuts of Jon Cypher and Richard Jordan.

      Filmed in 1969.

      Raoul Castro listed as the young Mexican is the younger brother of Fidel Castro,
      Cuba's former leader.

      Character error
      In the picture of Valdez, taken when he was an Army Scout, he had Sergeant stripes on his shirt.
      Later, when he wore the shirt, there were no stripes.

      Revealing mistakes
      At the end of the film, when Valdez is riding hidden between two horses,
      a wire is visible holding the horses' bridles together,
      so that they won't separate during Lancaster's close-up.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Bavispe, Sonora, Mexico
      Sierra Madre Occidental, Sonora, Mexico
      Bacerac, Sonora, Mexico
      Estudios Roma, Madrid, Spain (studio) (studio: interiors filmed in)
      Sierra de Gredos ridge, Ávila, Castilla y León, Spain (exteriors filmed in Gredos, Spain)
      Tabernas, Almería, Andalucía, Spain (exteriors filmed in Almeria, Spain)
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Valdez Is Coming is a 1971 American western film starring Burt Lancaster,
      Susan Clark, Richard Jordan and Jon Cypher.

      The film is based on the Elmore Leonard novel of the same name.

      User Review

      A personal revenge that carries suspense, drive and grim realism…
      Author: Righty-Sock from Mexico

      rightysock wrote:

      19 November 2007

      Valdez is more a symbol of conscience!

      Burt Lancaster—at that time 57 years old—in fact dominates the film by a mystic presence,
      rather than actually being on screen for any length of time…

      The bulk of the film constitutes a battle of wits and guns between Valdez
      and an extremely stubborn leader of a band of trigger-happy gun-slingers…

      So when Frank Tanner (John Cypher) provokes a shoot-out which results
      in the death of an innocent man, Valdez asks $100 compensation from Tanner t
      o provide financial support for his pregnant widow… Tanner not only refuses, but humiliates Valdez and orders his hired gunmen to beat him hardly, to tie him to a cross, and to drive him out of his place…

      Again Spain locations represented the American frontier for this revenge tale about an aging former cavalry man who dusts off his old uniform, straps on his old guns,
      takes plenty of ammunition, and erupt a one-man army against a greedy, rotten, evil rancher and his henchmen to enforce justice at any cost…

      As the pursuers forge deeper into the wilderness, the situation shifts around with hunters becoming the hunted…

      Susan Clark (Gay) sides with Valdez without falling in love with him, while Barton Heyman (playing the chief henchman "El Segundo") provides his character with warmth and quality at a pivotal time…
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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