By Indian Post (1919)

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    • By Indian Post (1919)




      Plot Summary
      Jode McWilliams, the foreman of Circle O, is in love with Peg,
      the daughter of Pa Owens, the owner of the ranch.
      The trouble is that daddy won't allow! Which does not stop Jode from wanting to marry Peg.
      He asks Stumpy, the cook, to help him write a love letter to the lady of his heart.
      The other cowhands find it and, with a view to making fun of Jode, nail it to the door.
      Two Horns, an Indian, steals it and ... delivers it to Peg.
      When Jode and his posse, pursuing the facetious redskin, arrive at the Owenses' house,
      Jode's boss has already found out.
      A showdown ensues and the young man, who has lost the fight, is made prisoner and held in a room.
      But he is rescued by his pal Chub and a helpful parson marry the two lovebirds.
      Away they ride from the reluctant father towards happiness.
      Written by Guy Bellinger

      Pete Morrison ... Jode MacWilliams - the Foreman of Circle O, in Love with Peg
      Duke R. Lee ... Pa Owens - the Owner of the Ranch, Peg's Dad
      Magda Lane ...Peg Owens - the Ranch Owner's Daughter
      Edward Burns ... (as Ed Burns)
      Jack Woods ... Dutch
      Harley Chambers ... Fritz
      Hoot Gibson ... Chub -Jode's Helpful Cowboy Friend
      Jim Moore ... Two Horns - a Facetious Indian
      Jack Walters ... Andy
      Otto Meyer ... Swede (as Otto Myers)
      Ed Jones ... Stumpy aka Beany - a Poet of a Cook

      John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

      Writing Credits
      William Wallace Cook ... (story "The Trail of the Billy-Doo")
      H. Tipton Steck ... (scenario)

      Watch this short remaining reel

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • By Indian Post (1919)

      By Indian Post is a 1919 American short Western silent film directed by John Ford.

      One of the two reels survive.

      User Review

      Was ever a woman so rudely wooed? Why, yes.
      10 December 2007 | by boblipton (New York City)

      bob wrote:

      This is the sort of rough comedy that Ford had been making at least since the previous year's "Bucking Broadway" and would continue to make regularly through DONOVAN'S REEF. It is not a particularly distinguished member of the club -- which includes the Oscar-winning THE QUIET MAN. However, any John Ford picture is worth looking at at least once.

      One thing worth noting is Ford's fine and, for the era, advanced sense of framing. True, he still uses irised shots as a substitute for a medium close in two-shot, but that is a common convention for the era. Of more interest is his strong use of framing lines to reduce the effective composition of shots in a fashion that most directors would not catch on to for another five years..... but then,
      he always said that was his sole strength as a director.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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