Ace of the Saddle (1919)

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    • Ace of the Saddle (1919)




      Plot Summary
      Cheyenne Harry Henderson (Carey) owns a cattle ranch on the border of two counties,
      with Yucca County controlled by outlaws and Pinkerton County law abiding.
      After the Yucca sheriff (Harris) refuses to help stop the cattle rustling,
      he goes to Pinkerton Sheriff Faulkner (Lee), who is unable to help him because he lives in Yucca County.
      Harry meets and becomes romantically involved with Sheriff Faulkner's daughter
      Madeline (Barry), who is also loved by the Yucca sheriff.
      Because she hates guns, Harry gives up using them.
      While Yucca County may be lawless, no man may be shot unless he is armed,
      so the Yucca sheriff devises a scheme place an unloaded gun in Harry's hands and then have him killed.
      Harry sees through the ruse and uses the sheriff's gun to kill two men before they can shoot him.
      Harry then moves his house over the county border onto Pinkerton County,
      and with the aid of Sheriff Faulkner two rustlers are captured.
      Before the rustlers can be hanged, the Yucca sheriff frees them and also kidnaps Madeline.
      Harry then gets his guns and goes to rescue her.

      Harry Carey ... Cheyenne Harry Henderson
      Joe Harris ...
      Sheriff - Yucca County
      Duke R. Lee ... Sheriff Faulkner - Pinkerton County
      Peggy Pearce ... Madeline Faulkner
      Jack Walters ... Inky O'Day
      Vester Pegg ... Gambler
      William Courtright ... Storekeeper (as William Cartwright)
      Zoe Rae ... Child
      Howard Enstedt ... Child
      Ed Jones ... Bit Part (uncredited)

      John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

      Writing Credits
      George Hively ... (writer)
      Frederick J. Jackson ... (story)

      Pat Powers ... producer (as P.A. Powers)

      John W. Brown
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Ace of the Saddle (1919)

      Ace of the Saddle is a 1919 American western film directed
      by John Ford and featuring Harry Carey.

      The film is considered to be lost.


      User Review

      Ace of the Saddle ( 1919 ) Lost Silent Western
      31 July 2015 | by Pamela Short (Canada)
      When cattle rancher Cheyenne Harry Henderson ( Harry Carey ) discovers that rustlers are attacking his herd, he informs Yucca County's Sheriff ( Joel Harris )

      but learns that the lawman is in cahoots with the outlaws. Harry then appeals to Sheriff Faulkner ( Duke R. Lee ) of neighboring Pinkerton County, but Faulkner is powerless to intervene. Madeline ( Peggy Pearce ), Faulkner's daughter, attracts Harry's attention and the two fall in love. When Madeline, who loathes violence, asks him to give up wearing a gun, Harry complies. Because the rustlers are prohibited by an unwritten law from shooting an unarmed man, they poison the waterhole at Harry's ranch. Harry harnesses six horses to pull his cabin into Pinkerton, where some of the rustlers are arrested when they follow. The Yucca sheriff and his gang rescue them and abduct Madeline. Harry takes his gun, rescues the girl, and lures the gang to his cabin where he tricks them into drinking some contaminated water. After the men are recaptured, Harry's foreman is elected sheriff of Yucca County, and Harry and Madeline marry.

      This 1919 silent western was produced by The Universal Film Manufacturing Company and directed by John Ford, starring Harry Carey. Sadly, Ace of the Saddle now remains a lost film.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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