Hitchin' Posts (1920)

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    • Hitchin' Posts (1920)




      Plot Summary
      Jefferson Todd (Mayo) and Louis Castiga (Harris), brothers-in-law,
      come to blows on a Mississippi River steamer when Todd discovers Castiga's presence there
      with a woman usurping the place of his wife, Todd's sister.
      Todd, a Southern gentleman whose fortune was depleted during the Civil War,
      is attempting to rebuild it by gambling on the river boats that frequent the great river.
      He wins four race horses at poker with Colonel Brereton (Fenton),
      but refuses to collect the stakes. Brereton insists, and then takes his own life.
      Brereton's suicide causes Todd to question his new profession.
      Todd and Castiga again meet at the plantation home of the
      Colonel's daughter Barbara (Burnham), both having gone there to break
      the news of her father's death. Castiga's wiliness makes Barbara believe
      that Todd is an intruder and the cause of her father's ruin.
      The trouble between the men results in a duel in which Castiga cheats
      and is driven out of town.
      Barbara's faith in Todd is established and together they join
      the great army of homesteaders and go West for the great land lottery
      that followed the Civil War.
      They win a race for a homestead involving prairie schooners, buckboards,
      horse teams, and race horses, but fall victims to a plot hatched by Castiga.
      In a struggle between the two, Todd is victorious while his enemy meets his death.
      Love beckens for Todd and Barbara.

      Frank Mayo ... Jefferson Todd
      Beatrice Burnham ... Barbara Brereton
      C.E. Anderson ... Captain of steamer
      Matthew Biddulph ...
      Maj. Grey (as M. Biddulph)
      Mark Fenton Mark Fenton ...
      Col. Brereton
      Dagmar Godowsky ... Octoroon
      Joe Harris Joe Harris
      Duke R. Lee ... Col. Lancy (as Duke Lee)
      J. Farrell MacDonald ... Joe Alabam (as J. Farrell McDonald)

      John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

      Writing Credits
      George C. Hull ... (scenario)
      Harold Shumate ... (story) (as Harold M. Shumate)

      Benjamin H. Kline ... (as Ben H. Kline)
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Hitchin' Posts (1920)

      Hitchin' Posts is a 1920 American drama film directed by John Ford.

      It is considered to be a lost film.

      User Review

      Hitchin' Posts (1920) - Lost
      26 June 2016 | by Pamela Short (Canada)

      pamela wrote:

      After the Yankees confiscate his land at the end of the Civil War, Jefferson Todd ( Frank Mayo ),

      a young Southerner,
      takes up gambling on a Mississippi riverboat. During a card game, Jefferson wins four race horses, the last possessions of Colonel Brereton ( Mark Fenton ). Crushed by the loss, the colonel drowns himself later that night. News of her father's death reaches Barbara Brereton ( Beatrice Burnham ) at the family home, which she is now about to lose. Todd goes there, full of remorse, only to find himself preceded by his unscrupulous brother-in-law, Louis Castiga ( Joseph Harris ), who has poisoned Barbara's mind against him. Barbara, who is now penniless, decides to seek her fortune in the West, where the government is offering free land. Todd and Castiga also go West, and learning of valuable oil deposits on a certain parcel of land, all three race to make the claim. Todd and Barbara, riding the colonel's race horses, win, but are met by Castiga and his men who have occupied the territory illegally. A fight ensues between Castiga and Todd, terminating in Castiga's death. Barbara finally realizes her misjudgment of Todd, and the two stake their claim and their lives together.

      This 1920 silent drama was produced by The Universal Film Manufacturing Company and directed by John Ford.
      Tragically, Hitchin' Posts now remains a lost silent film
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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