Just Pals (1920)

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    • Just Pals (1920)




      Plot Summary
      Bim is the town ne'er-do-well, lazy and shiftless, living a catch-as-catch-can existence.
      He feels no shame about his tattered clothing and seems impervious to the derision and ridicule
      he endures from his fellow citizens in his rural, early 20th Century village.
      Despite this, Bim is a kind-hearted soul, and that becomes very apparent
      when he rescues a young runaway from a beating by a railroad cop at the expense of being beaten himself.
      Young Bill reciprocates Bim's kindness and has to endure taunting and abuse
      from the school bully to defend his 'pal.'
      Bim wants Bill to rise above his station and encourages him to bathe
      and attend the town's modest one-room schoolhouse presided over by pretty schoolmarm Mary Bruce.
      She is being courted by the outwardly respectable bank clerk Harvey Cahill,
      who has embezzled funds from his employer and ungallantly presses the kind-hearted Mary
      into lending him the school memorial fund money she is entrusted with to cover
      the shortfall for the bank ...
      Written by duke1029
      Buck Jones ... Bim
      Helen Ferguson ... Mary Bruce
      Georgie Stone ... Bill (as George Stone)
      Duke R. Lee ... Sheriff
      William Buckley ... Harvey Cahill
      Eunice Murdock Moore ... Mrs. Stone
      Bert Appling ... Brakeman
      Edwin B. Tilton ... Dr. Stone (as Edwin Booth Tilton)
      Slim Padgett ... Outlaw
      John B. Cooke ... Constable
      Helen Field
      Pedro León ... Undetermined Role
      Ida Tenbrook

      John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

      Writing Credits
      John McDermott ... (story)
      Paul Schofield

      George Schneiderman

      This was John Ford's first picture with Fox Films
      after his contract with Universal Pictures expired.

      When Bim is on the porch talking to Cahill,
      the lighting on Bim's right side medium close-ups and left-side close-ups do not match.

      Memorable Quotes
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Just Pals (1920)

      Just Pals is a 1920 American silent Western film directed by John Ford,
      and was Ford's first film for Fox Film Corporation.

      User Review

      Quite watchable
      13 March 2010 | by planktonrules (Bradenton, Florida)

      PLANKTON wrote:

      This early John Ford film earns a 7, but that is relative to other films of the day.

      If you were comparing it to any film--such as a drama of the 30s or 40s,
      a score of 5 is probably more appropriate.

      The film is about a town bum played by Buck Jones. He's a decent man, but also a guy with absolutely no drive in life. He's content to avoid work and sleep as much as possible. Only when a cute kid blows into town (George Stone) does he begin to show signs that he can be a responsible and productive citizen. That's because, for the sake of the kid, he's willing to settle down a bit and mend his ways.

      The film is charming and watchable since the print quality is so good (a rarity in older silents) and the direction is so amiable. But, it also bogs down a bit with the simplistic story and dumb ending--it's very, very contrived. Satisfying to audiences of the time, perhaps. But also completely tough to take today--it all just seems ridiculously too perfect when the film is complete.

      By the way, the George Stone who plays the kid is NOT the George E. Stone who played a supporting actor in tons of films in the 30s and 40s (particularly for Columbia Pictures).
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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