The Wallop (1921)

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    • The Wallop (1921)




      Plot Summary
      John Wesley Pringle (Carey), an adventurer, returns to Gadsden
      to claim the girl Stella (Golden), only to find out that she is in love with Chris Foy (Steele).
      Chris has been accused of a murder that he did not commit.

      Sheriff Matt Lisner (Le Moyne) searches Stella's house for Chris,
      but finds out that he is hiding in the mountains.
      Sheriff Lisner and his crowd set off for the mountains
      to get Chris and claim a reward for his capture.
      John gets to the mountains by a back route and pretends to rescue Chris,
      but surprises both the Sheriff and Chris by claiming the reward for himself.

      John then orders Sheriff Lisner to release Chris, saying that this
      was all a ruse to rescue Chris and get him safely from the mountain top.
      John then reveals evidence which shows that Lisner is the real murderer,
      and Chris returns to Stella, while John goes on his way without ever revealing his love for the girl.

      Harry Carey ... John Wesley Pringle
      Mignonne Golden ... Stella Vorhis
      William Steele ... Christopher Foy (as William Gettinger)
      Charles Le Moyne ... Matt Lisner
      Joe Harris ... Barela
      C.E. Anderson ... Applegate
      J. Farrell MacDonald ... Neuces River
      Mark Fenton ... Major Vorhis
      Noble Johnson ... Espinol

      John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

      Writing Credits
      George C. Hull
      Eugene Manlove Rhodes ... (story "The Girl He Left Behind Him")

      John Ford ... producer

      Harry M. Fowler ... (as Harry Fowler)
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • The Wallop (1921)

      The Wallop is a 1921 American western film directed by
      John Ford and starring Harry Carey.

      The film is considered to be lost

      User Review

      The Wallop (1921) -- Lost Silent
      Author: Pamela Short from Canada
      31 July 2015

      PAMELA wrote:

      John Wesley Pringle ( Harry Carey ), adventurer at large, returns home after making his strike and finds his old girl friend, Stella Vorhis ( Mignonne Golden ),

      engaged to Christopher Foy ( William Gettinger ), who is running for sheriff. Pringle foils an attempt by incumbent sheriff Matt Lisner ( Charles Le Moyne ) to kill Foy, but when Foy is accused of a murder, Pringle, in a clever ruse, captures Foy, holds the posse at gunpoint, and then releases him, explaining his motive. Lisner is summarily dealt with, and Chris returns to Stella, while John goes on his way without ever revealing his love for the girl.

      This 1921 western/drama was produced by The Universal Film Manufacturing Company and directed by John Ford, starring Harry Carey. Sadly, The Wallop now remains a lost silent film.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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