The Stalking Moon (1968)

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    • The Stalking Moon (1968)




      Plot Summary
      When an army scout retires to a farm in New Mexico he takes pity on a white woman
      and her "half-breed" son recently rescued from Indians,
      and invites them to join him. He does this even knowing the child's father
      is a feared and murderous Apache and that sooner or later
      a showdown is almost inevitable.
      Written by Jeremy Perkins

      Gregory Peck ... Sam Varner
      Eva Marie Saint ... Sarah Carver
      Robert Forster ... Nick Tana
      Noland Clay ... Boy
      Russell Thorson ... Ned
      Frank Silvera ... Major
      Lonny Chapman ... Purdue
      Lou Frizzell ... Stationmaster (as Lou Frizell)
      Henry Beckman ... Sgt. Rudabaugh
      Charles Tyner ... Dace
      Richard Bull ... Doctor
      Sandy Brown Wyeth ... Rachel (as Sandy Wyeth)
      Joaquín Martínez ... Julio (as Joaquin Martinez)
      Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Stage Driver Shelby (as Red Morgan)
      Nathaniel Narcisco ... Salvaje

      Writing Credits
      Alvin Sargent ... (screenplay)
      Wendell Mayes ... (adaptation)
      Theodore V. Olsen ... (novel)
      Alan J. Pakula ... producer

      Fred Karlin Cinematography by
      Charles Lang ... director of photography

      After Patricia Neal had recovered from her stroke, she had a choice of either
      "The Stalking Moon" or "The Subject Was Roses" as her comeback vehicle. A
      lthough she opted for "Roses," she would have liked to have done
      "The Stalking Moon" also.

      George Stevens was originally slated to direct but bowed out because of script problems.
      His replacement, Robert Mulligan, had directed Peck to an Oscar in "To Kill a Mockingbird."

      In the 1958 movie starring and produced by Gregory Peck "The Big Country"
      the foreman (played by Charlton Heston) Steve Leech rides
      a very striking and beautiful black and white paint horse.
      10 years later in the 1968 movie starring Gregory Peck "The Stalking Moon"
      the same horse is ridden by the Apache chief Salvaje. (played by Nathaniel Narcisco).

      Although this was Gregory Peck's only film release in 1968,
      he should also have been appearing in the Mirisch production
      " The Bells of Hell Go Ting a Ling a Ling ".
      Scripted by Roald Dahl, this production was shut down after just 6 weeks
      shooting due to " poor weather conditions ", a popular euphemism for a troubled shoot.

      When Gregory Peck walks out of the cabin he is unshaven,
      but when he's seen outside the cabin he's clean-shaven.

      Errors in geography
      The movie was set and filmed in the Mojave Desert,
      yet in an early scene at an Army camp, the still night air is filled
      with the sound of crickets and frogs.
      This would be fine had the camp been in or near an oasis, but it clearly was not.
      With no wind, there should have been no sound at all from outside the camp.

      Factual errors
      A young boy spends almost the entire film walking across the mountains for days,
      then, when he puts his feet up in one shot the bottoms of his moccasins
      are neither soiled or worn but look brand new.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Bavispe, Sonora, Mexico
      Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, USA
      Valley of Fire State Park - Route 169, Overton, Nevada, USA
      Samuel Goldwyn Studios - 7200 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • The Stalking Moon is a 1968 western film in Technicolor starring
      Gregory Peck and Eva Marie Saint.
      It is directed by Robert Mulligan and based on the novel of the same name by T.V. Olsen.

      User Review

      A Western Thriller
      Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
      24 June 2007

      bko wrote:

      From the same folks who brought you To Kill a Mockingbird, a good western thriller The Stalking Moon blends old west action with Alfred Hitchcock type suspense.

      Gregory Peck is an old army scout who helped rescue captive white woman Eva Marie Saint and her son Noland Clay by one of the Apache chiefs. The father isn't about to give up his son and he pursues Peck all the way to his ranch after he quit the cavalry. The last 40% of the film deals with Peck and his ranch guests being stalked by a clever and dangerous Indian opponent.

      The film itself touches on themes used in both The Searchers and Two Rode Together by John Ford and the fine Joel McCrea-Barbara Stanwyck western, Trooper Hook. But director Robert J. Mulligan took his style cues from Alfred Hitchcock.

      We don't ever see the opponent except in long shot right up to the very end. We only know him from what is said about Nathaniel Narciso from what is said and the death and destruction in his wake. The anticipation is all the more terrifying.

      Western and suspense, The Stalking Moon is a nice blend of film genres and fans of Gregory Peck and Eva Marie Saint will be pleased.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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