Rawhide (1959-1966) (TV)

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  • Rawhide (1959-1966) (TV)



    For continuity, all discussion
    please post here:-
    Top TV Classics- Rawhide

    Information from IMDb

    Plot Summary
    Gil Favor, as the trail boss is on a cattle drive,
    with his side kick and ramrod, Rowdy Yates,
    run into, all sorts of characters and adventures,
    on a continuous cattle drive..
    by ethanedwards

    Series Cast
    Clint Eastwood ... Rowdy Yates (217 episodes, 1959-1965)
    Paul Brinegar ... Wishbone (215 episodes, 1959-1965)
    Steve Raines ... Jim Quince (214 episodes, 1959-1965)
    Eric Fleming ... Gil Favor (202 episodes, 1959-1965)
    James Murdock ... Mushy (202 episodes, 1959-1965)
    Rocky Shahan ... Joe Scarlett / ... (181 episodes, 1959-1965)
    Robert Cabal ... Hey Soos (112 episodes, 1959-1965)
    Sheb Wooley ... Pete Nola

    and manyof Duke's 'Pals'
    John Ireland, Edward Faulkner
    Burgess Meredith ,Cesar Romero
    Bob Steele, Dan Duryea
    Jay C. Flippen, Marie Windsor
    Broderick Crawford ,John Agar
    Chill Wills,Albert Dekker
    Neville Brand, Debra Paget
    Strother Martin ,Timothy Carey
    William Fawcett ,Harry Carey Jr.
    Hank Worden ,Woody Strode

    Other guest stars, included:-

    Buddy Ebsen, Lon Chaney Jr., Jack Lord, Lee Van Cleef, Warren Oates, Claude Akins, Eddie Albert, Michael Ansara, Mary Astor, Frankie Avalon, John Drew Barrymore, James Best, Charles Bronson, McDonald Carey, Jr., Elisha Cook, Linda Cristal, Robert Culp, Royal Dano, Troy Donahue, Brian Donlevy, , Barbara Eden, Leif Erickson, Beverly Garland, Charles Herbert, Earl Holliman, Alan Hale, Jr., Dwayne Hickman, Brian Keith, Martin Landau, Ruta Lee, Jock Mahoney, Mercedes McCambridge, Burgess Meredith, Robert Middleton, Vera Miles, Martin Milner, Leslie Nielsen, Susan Oliver, J. Pat O'Malley, Marion Ross, Harry Dean Stanton, Barbara Stanwyck, Ed Wynn, & Dick York,

    Series Directed
    Andrew V. McLaglen (6 episodes, 1959-1962)
    Joseph Kane (6 episodes, 1960)
    who worked with Duke.
    and many more...

    * Soon after Clint Eastwood made his Italian westerns, Jolly Films (which produced Per un pugno di dollari (1964)) came out with a film called (in English) "The Magnificent Stranger", which was actually two episodes of "Rawhide" (1959) edited together ("The Backshooter" and "Incident of the Running Man"). Clint Eastwood sued and the film was withdrawn.

    * Clint Eastwood got his role in "Rawhide" (1959) while visiting a friend at the CBS lot when a studio exec spotted him because he "looked like a cowboy."

    "Rawhide Theme"
    Created and Composed by Dimitri Tiomkin
    Lyrics by Ned Washington
    Recorded by Frankie Laine

    In some episodes Gil Favor is seen wearing Wrangler jeans - rivets and the trademark "W" on two pockets. The Wrangler brand wasn't sold until 1947.

    Filming Locations
    Backlot, Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA
    (western streets)
    Big Sky Ranch - 4927 Bennett Road, Simi Valley, California, USA
    Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park - 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, California, USA
    CBS Studio Center - 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Chinese Camp, California, USA
    Lone Pine, California, USA
    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA
    Nogales, Arizona, USA
    Red Rock Canyon State Park - Highway 14, Cantil, California, USA
    Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA

    For continuity, all discussion
    please post here:-
    Top TV Classics- Rawhide
    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Re: Classic TV Westerns- Rawhide (1959-1966)

    Rawhide is an American Western series that aired for eight seasons on the CBS network
    on Friday nights, from January 9, 1959 to September 3, 1965,
    before moving to Tuesday nights from September 14, 1965 until January 4, 1966,
    with a total of 217 black-and-white episodes.
    Starring Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood, the series
    was produced and sometimes directed by Charles Marquis Warren
    who also produced early episodes of Gunsmoke.

    Spanning seven and a half years, Rawhide was the fifth-longest-running American television Western,
    beaten only by eight years of Wagon Train, nine years of The Virginian,
    fourteen years of Bonanza, and twenty years of Gunsmoke.

    Another childhood favourite, but to me,
    not as great as the ones, already mentioned.
    Ironically, Clint Eastwood was critiscized in this series,
    and critics felt he would go no futher.
    Great knowledgeable critics, heh!!!!

    Interestingly Clint began filming
    A Fistful of Dollars, in 1964 while on a summer break from Rawhide.
    Apparently he took with him, and wore the same boots,
    shirt and gun grips that he wore on the series.
    He got the role after practically every other
    cowboy actor in Hollywood had turned it down.
    Best Wishes
    London- England

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