The Appaloosa (1966)

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    Plot Summary
    Matt Fletcher, a Mexican-American buffalo hunter is constantly harassed and humiliated
    by bandit general Chuy Medina.
    When the bandit steals his horse - the appaloosa of the title -
    he sets out to even scores; at the climax,
    single-handedly, he takes on the whole gang.
    Written by alfiehitchie

    Marlon Brando ... Matt
    Anjanette Comer ... Trini
    John Saxon ... Chuy
    Emilio Fernández ... Lazaro (as Emilio Fernandez)
    Alex Montoya ... Squint Eye
    Miriam Colon ... Ana
    Rafael Campos ... Paco
    Frank Silvera ... Ramos
    Larry D. Mann ... Priest

    Sidney J. Furie

    Writing Credits
    James Bridges ... (screenplay) and
    Roland Kibbee ... (screenplay)
    Robert MacLeod ... (novel)

    Allan Miller ... producer

    Frank Skinner

    Russell Metty ... director of photography

    According to Bob Thomas' 1973 biography "Marlon: Portrait of the Artist as a Rebel,"
    producer Alan Miller, appalled at his star's lack of interest in the film
    and his lackluster performance, pinned a bit of doggerel about Marlon Brando,
    whose character is called "Mateo" by his Mexican friend in the film,
    "Mateo, his heart/It bleeds for the mass,/But the people he works with/He kicks in the ass."

    According to co-star John Saxon, Marlon Brando's relationship with director Sidney J. Furie
    got to the point where Brando, when getting ready to do a close-up, would be reading a book.
    He would only lower the book when Furie yelled "Action." When he yelled "Cut,"
    Brando would raise the book again. According to Peter Manso's book on Brando,
    however, Brando and Furie met years later.
    Brando was quoted to have said, "I thought you were a no-good double-crosser,
    and I didn't know if I could trust you, but I saw the film a
    nd you have the great sense of the best visual directors.
    Let's do another movie together."
    Furie, according to the book, replied, "Never!" Furie, for his part,
    claims that they only came to blows once on the entire shoot of The Appaloosa (1966).

    Claudia Cardinale was originally sought for the Anjanette Comer part.

    In the final scene with Chuy, Brando weaves his leather poncho belt with his hat band,
    to lasso his rifle. When the shooting is finished and he stands up,
    the belt is back on his poncho, although there was no time to unweave the lasso and retie the belt.

    Factual errors
    The Appaloosa which portrays the title character was actually
    a registered Appaloosa stallion named Cojo Rojo.
    He was born in 1960 and just prior to being used for the film
    he was racing on the California tracks.
    He sired several foals, including several race champions.
    During filming
    a few other similarly marked horses were used as stunt horses,
    but the majority of work was done by Cojo Rojo.

    Memorable Quotes

    Filming Locations
    St. George, Utah, USA
    Colorado City, Arizona, USA
    Wrightwood, California, USA
    Antelope Valley, California, USA (Outdoor exteriors)
    Lake Los Angeles, California, USA
    Lancaster, California, USA

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    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • The Appaloosa (also known as Southwest to Sonora) is a
    1966 American Western film Technicolor
    (set in the 1870s) from Universal Pictures starring Marlon Brando,
    Anjanette Comer and John Saxon, who was nominated for a
    Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor
    for his portrayal of a Mexican bandit.

    The film was directed by Sidney J. Furie, and shot in Wrightwood, Antelope Valley,
    and Lake Los Angeles, California, St. George, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona.

    The 2008 Appaloosa film (starring Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen)
    is not related to this film, although it has a similar title.

    User Review

    1 March 2003 | by whpratt1 (United States)

    Over the years I seemed to have missed "THE APPOLOSSA" and was thrilled to see Marlon Brando and John Saxon perform excellent roles as bandit and horse owner. The photography and close-ups kept you glued to the screen.

    Brando was at his best and eleven years later made "Missouri Breakes" another picture to match this one.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • I liked this film. Better watch it again soon. I remember reading about Brando's total lack of interest in the movie, but he always owned the screen, in this one and most of the others he was in. Keep up the good work Keith!