The Big Trail (1930)

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  • I positevly make my mind to buy this one. The parts I saw (thanks Elly) in widescreen is so great and different that even if it is no special features it worth buying and with features it is absoluly no question of it.

  • I just finished re-watching The Big Trail. I find it highly entertaining, considering the age of the film it is rather good quality although the sound is sometimes funny. Some of the scenes are magnificent, like when they go down that cliff. Some of the actors do some over-acting like talking too loud but that was often done in the earlier talkies so I'm not complaining. The baddy Red played by Tyrone Power Sr was made unrecognisable. Made you think he desperately needed a bath :wink_smile:

  • I was completely blown away and it was a treat. The Big Trail has announced the Big Release on May 13, 2008. A 2-disc special edition with many many extras in glourous wide screen for the 1930 classic and it is in Black and White.

    Here are the features:
    Audio: Mono - English, Spanish / Stereo - English
    Disc 1:
    THE BIG TRAIL - Widescreen
    Widescreen - 2.10
    Additional Release Material:
    Audio Commentaries - Film Historian/Author
    Behind the Scenes - "The Making of THE BIG TRAIL"
    Documentaries -
    1. "The Creation of John Wayne"
    2. "Raoul Walsh: A Man in His Time"
    Featurettes - "The Big Vision: The Grandeur Process"
    Text/Photo Galleries:
    Galleries -
    1. Images
    2. Publicity
    3. Original Posters
    4. Pressbook Gallery

    Disc 2: THE BIG TRAIL - Full Frame
    Full Frame - 1.33
    Additional Release Material:
    Trailers - Fox Flix Previews

    The Big Trail and John Wayne. Can you ask for more?

    Well here is more, it's run time is the full 125 minutes while the other version was 110 minutes. Is that awesome?

    Cheers :cool: Hondo


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  • Great news Hondo. Glad to have a Duke film get the special treatment this year. I hope there are a few more to come this year.

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    -John Wayne

  • Mike, thanks for this announcement. As my B-day is in May, I now know what to tell anyone of my family members who asks me what I want for my B-Day. I already have a copy of it on DvD-but this will be cool to have. ;-))

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  • Well, not all the movies are new to video. There is a box set and a new release of "The Big Trail". Here is the info that I found:

    Fox has now released details on its May western DVD releases. The Big Trail: Fox Grandeur Special Edition is a two-disc release featuring a digitally restored and re-mastered presentation from the original 70mm widescreen theatrical release as well as the full-frame version that was also released theatrically. Supplements will include audio commentary with film historian/author Richard Schickel on the 70mm widescreen presentation; four featurettes (The Creation of John Wayne, Raoul Walsh: A Man in His Time, The Big Vision: The Grandeur Process, The Making of The Big Trail); various photo and poster galleries; and trailers. The Fox Western Classics Collection is a three-disc set with a separate disc for each of Garden of Evil, Rawhide, and The Gunfighter. Garden of Evil will be presented in anamorphic widescreen with audio commentary by Nick Redman, Steven Smith, John Morgan and William Stromberg; two featurettes (Travels of a Gunslinger: The Making of Garden of Evil and Henry Hathaway: When the Going Gets Tough…); and restoration comparisons. Rawhide (full frame as originally shot) will have two featurettes (Susan Hayward: Hollywood’s Straight Shooter and Shot It in Lone Pine!); the theatrical trailer; restoration comparisons; and a still gallery. Surprisingly, The Gunfighter will only have its theatrical trailer plus trailers for several other Fox westerns.

    John Wayne: The Fox Westerns, due on May 13th. It will be a five-disc set including the new two-disc SE of The Big Trail, The Comancheros, North to Alaska, and The Undefeated.

    Most of us have all the Duke films. But the re-release of "The Big Trail" will be a welcome addition. As well as some new documentaries about Duke.

    Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
    -John Wayne

  • I am thrilled that the Special Big Trail edition is coming to DVD, I still find it hard to believe that it was almost 80 years ago that it hit theaters.
    I would like to add that this fall, Warner's is releasing a special edition of How The West Was Won.
    I wish that Lionsgate would get off its royal rumpus and release those other republic films that Duke made in 30's and 40's. And while I am wishing for stuff, I wish for his 6 Universal films from the 30's as well, and a pony to boot.

  • I wish like other's here that Lionsgate would release a enhanced version of "The Quiet Man". The one that is out now could be so much better.

    Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
    -John Wayne

  • sxviper

    i wish they would release the quite man down here we have it on video but not in any form on dvd unless you want it from china

    cheers smokey

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  • Hondo I was wondering what type of scenes comprise the added 15 mins on this version.

    Greetings from North of the 49th

  • Here is an issue of a March 7, 1931 English magazine, Boy's Cinema, with the story of The Big Trail. It has a few other stories in it as well.


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  • well I watched my new copy of the big trail today and man, I love it. The new widescreen presentation is just amazing. And seeing fourteen minutes of footage that has een "lost" for eighty years is also very awe- inspiring. I loved the movie before, and this spectacular rerelease has only made it better

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  • I did get a chance to watch a twelve minute featurette on the granduer process that was very interesting. Most of what they tell you has been posted in this thread, as to what happened and why it didn't succeed. There are more featuresttes, but I haven't had a chance to watch them yet!

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