Vengeance Valley (1951)

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    • Vengeance Valley (1951)




      Plot Summary
      A cattle baron takes in an orphaned boy and raises him,
      causing his own son to resent the boy.
      As they get older the resentment festers into hatred,
      and eventually the real son frames his stepbrother for fathering
      an illegitimate child that is actually his, seeing it as an opportunity
      to get his half-brother out of the way so he can have his father's empire all to himself.
      Written by frankfob2

      Burt Lancaster ... Owen Daybright
      Robert Walker ... Lee Strobie
      Joanne Dru ... Jen Strobie
      Sally Forrest ... Lily
      John Ireland ... Hub Fasken
      Carleton Carpenter ... Hewie
      Ray Collins ... Arch Strobie
      Ted de Corsia ... Herb Backett (as Ted De Corsia)
      Hugh O'Brian ... Dick Fasken
      Will Wright ... Mr. Willoughby
      Grayce Mills ... Mrs. Burke (as Grace Mills)
      Jim Hayward ... Con Alvis (as James Hayward)
      James Harrison ... Orv Esterly
      Stanley Andrews ... Mead Calhoun

      Richard Thorpe

      Writing Credits
      Irving Ravetch ... (screenplay)
      Luke Short ... (based on a novel by)

      Nicholas Nayfack ... producer

      Rudolph G. Kopp

      George J. Folsey ... director of photography

      First appearance in a Western of Burt Lancaster who was borrowed from Wallis-Hazen, Inc. for the film.

      Final M-G-M film for actor Robert Walker who died in 1951.

      According to MGM records, the film made a profit of $841,000.

      This is one of a handful of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer productions of the 1950-1951 period
      whose original copyrights were never renewed and are now apparently in Public Domain;
      for this reason this title is now offered, often in very inferior copies,
      at bargain prices, by numerous VHS and DVD distributors who do not normally handle
      copyrighted or Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer material.

      Actor Will Wright was a regular character actor in a myriad of westerns,
      playing judges, ranchers, store owners, etc.

      Actress Joanne Dru couldn't stand to be around horses, yet she is best known for her work in western.

      Memorable Quotes

      Watch the Movie

      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Vengeance Valley is a 1951 American western film starring Burt Lancaster,
      based on the novel by Luke Short.

      In 1979, the film entered the public domain due to MGM's failure to renew its copyright registration
      in the 28th year after publication.

      User Review

      Burt Lancaster's first western - I liked it
      Author: westerner357 from U.S.
      7 July 2004

      westener wrote:

      Robert Walker plays Lee Strobie, a sleazy greedy son gone bad. His adopted brother Owen Daybright (Burt Lancaster) is always covering for him.

      Strobie gets Lily Faskin (Sally Forrest) pregnant and Lily's brothers (John Ireland & Hugh O'Brien) come gunning for Daybright since they found out he was the one who paid money to Lily for her trouble. They think Owen is the father when in fact it was Lee who got Lily pregnant in the first place. Lee also tries to hide this fact from his wife Jen (Joanne Dru) but she finds out about it, anyway.

      Sound convoluted enough? Well it actually it works. This is an 'adult' western, not your average B programmer.

      There's little gunplay except at the end when the Faskin brothers try to ambush and kill Owen during a cattle drive. Lee gallops away leaving Owen at the mercy of the Faskins. It's only then that Owen realizes Lee was in on this ambush too because he wants Owen dead so he can have the ranch all to himself.

      The other ranch hands come to Owen's rescue and kill the Faskins, leaving Owen free to pursue Lee to the river where the inevitable showdown occurs. If you want to see what happens next, see the movie.

      I love the scenery in this one. It's beautiful. Looks like Colorado but I could be mistaken and the IMDb doesn't give the location. I'd love to go out there, though.

      It seems this MGM western is in the public domain since there are a lot of bootleg DVDs of it out there of mediocre quality. I saw it on TCM and it looks like it could use a remastering job since the Technicolor is all washed out and the sound fades out at times.

      Unlike some of the viewers below, I liked it since it had a slightly sleazy element to the story. May even be worth getting on DVD if Turner ever decides to release an official version.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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