Did the Duke ever consider running for office?

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    • Did the Duke ever consider running for office?

      I know that George H. W. Bush considered offering the VP slot in 1988 to Clint Eastwood, but did John Wayne ever get considered for a political candidacy?

      To be honest, I fear his views were so strongly right-wing that he would be ruled off a national ticket.

      Maybe Mayor, maybe Governor, but not President or Vice President.
    • I think I've read that people tried to get Duke to run for some sort of office in the 50-60's but he declined. Not sure where I read that it all runs together now.

      Maybe someone can clear this up.
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    • Ran across the following and hope this answers your question regarding John Wayne and Elected Office:

      Wayne, John/John Wayne Politics

      Expert: Mel Priddle - 7/1/2007

      I recently heard a story, that the Republican party asked John Wayne to run for president in I think '68, but he said the American people would never elect an actor. Even though Reagan did it, is there any truth to this tale?

      Yes, it was widely reported at the time that "due to his enormous popularity, and his status as the most famous Republican star in Hollywood, wealthy Texas Republican Party backers asked Wayne to run for national office in 1968. He declined, stating that he did not believe the public would seriously consider an actor in the White House. However, he did support his friend Ronald Reagan's runs for Governor of California in 1966 and 1970. He was also asked to be the running mate for Democratic Alabama Governor George Wallace in 1968, an offer that he vehemently rejected. Wayne actively campaigned for Richard Nixon, and addressed the Republican National Convention on its opening day in August 1968."

      Wayne had always been quite vocal about his politics and as early as 1943 he played a role in helping to create the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, an organization that elected him as President in 1947.

      He was a strong anti-communist, and vocal supporter of the House Un-American Activities Committee. In 1951, he made a film called "Big Jim McLain" to show his support for the anti-communist cause. He also claimed to have been instrumental in having Carl Foreman blacklisted from Hollywood after the release of the anti-McCarthyism western "High Noon". Wayne used his iconic status to support conservative causes, including rallying support for the Vietnam War by producing, co-directing, and starring in "The Green Berets" in 1968.

      Information from Russian archives released in 2003, indicated that, due to Wayne's strong anti-communist stance, Joseph Stalin had ordered Wayne's assassination, but the USSR leader died before the killing could be accomplished.

      Glad to be of help. Cheers.........Mel.

      Mel Priddle

      Experience: Ex cinema manager and film publicist.

      Movies have always been my great love and John Wayne films in particular gave me more pleasure than most. I have studied his body of work for years and would be more than happy to answer any questions relating to anything he appeared in, directed or produced.

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