Leon Schlesinger

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    Date of Birth
    20 May 1884
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

    Date of Death
    25 December 1949
    Los Angeles, California, USA (viral infection)

    Height 5' 7½" (1.71 m)

    Berenice Schlesinger

    Mini Biography
    Leon Schlesinger occupies an odd niche in Hollywood history.
    He was every bit a studio mogul but occupied a narrow, if extremely lucrative corner of the industry,
    an animation company.
    He might have shared this corner with Walt Disney but the two men
    couldn't have been more different in their professional outlook,
    yet at one time or another each employed many of the same people,
    shared rabid anti-union attitudes and paid their talented staffs poorly.
    Unlike Disney, Schlesinger didn't set out to become a producer of animated cartoons,
    he owned the immodestly-named Leon Schlesinger Productions,
    which had evolved out of Pacific Art & Title, which was Warner Brothers' title card outfit
    back in the silent days. The company was not exclusive to Warner's,
    but Leon developed a particularly close friendship with Jack L. Warner and as legend has it,
    when the studio was up against the financial ropes, it was Schlesinger who helped finance
    The Jazz Singer (1927).

    In 1929, Leon was approached by two unemployed 25-year old ex-Walt Disney animators,
    Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising, who had produced a novel 3-minute talkie cartoon,
    'Bosko The Talk-ink Kid,' a plotless exercise made to demonstrate something Disney
    hadn't accomplished with his talkie-toon Steamboat Willie (1928):
    Bosko's voice was lip-synchronized.
    Harman and Ising had shopped the character and technique around town without any bites
    until they approached Schlesinger, who feared the vast majority of his rapidly
    dwindling title card business was about to be completely wiped out as studios converted over to sound.
    Animation was a natural move.
    On January 28, 1930 Schlesinger signed a contract with Harman and Ising
    to deliver a single cartoon within 60 days (!) with options for additional cartoons
    amounting to a year's production based on monthly delivery (!!).
    Leon then went to work on Jack Warner and landed a distribution deal and exercised his options.
    This middleman arrangement was to define Leon Schlesinger for the remainder of his career:
    unlike Disney he was no visionary -- Leon was simply out for money.


    At the beginning of his career as a cartoon mogul, he also found time to briefly act
    as a producer for Warner's B-western unit, devoted to John Wayne low-budget oaters
    (these films featured plots and canned shots from earlier Ken Maynard films,
    complete with matching horses and wardrobes).

    Back on the animation side, with no small amount of conceit,
    he wanted his name on everything, despite having no creative input.
    Leon was simply, and often ruthlessly, committed to making the most money
    based on the artistic genius of others.
    And to Schlesinger, the obvious way to accomplish this was to keep
    his overhead costs to an absolute minimum.


    Harman and Ising frequently clashed with Schlesinger over production budgets and color production.
    Leon predictably balked at cutting into his profits for the sake of art.
    By 1933, the boys had enough of Leon, quit and quickly signed Bosko to a distribution deal with MGM.
    Leon was left, except for certain copyrights (the names Looney Tunes, and Merrie Melodies,
    for example) virtually high and dry -- but not without a plan. Schlesinger, free of partners,
    quickly rallied. He got Warner's to lease him out a suitable space
    (the claptrap building was nicknamed 'Termite Terrace') and formed his own studio.

    At the depth of the Great Depression, talent came cheap and Leon went about poaching
    select ex-Herman-Ising staff members such as Friz Freleng and Robert Clampett,
    along with hand-picked former Disney personnel, arguably the most important early key member
    of the team was Earl Duvall.
    Duvall created the first identifiable character of Schlesinger's new studio,
    a bland Caucasian Bosko-like kid named Buddy, who would appeared in 23 cartoons until 1938.

    Schlesinger finally caved to color in 1934 with the 42nd Street (1933)-inspired Honeymoon Hotel,
    starring a variety of bugs. Schlesinger was acutely aware of Disney's domination
    of the animation industry -- they had 3-strip Technicolor locked up exclusively through 1936
    and it was an open secret there was a Disney animated feature in the works.
    He countered with every asset cheaply available:
    Warner's excellent music library and outstanding orchestra and his staff
    was not bound by Disney's rigid policy of realism.
    By comparison, Schlesinger's individual production units
    (each headed by legendary directors like Tex Avery, Frank Tashlin and Chuck Jones)
    could be positively outrageous.


    1936 saw the fortuitous hiring of ex-KGW Radio 'Hoot Owl' announcer Mel Blanc
    (hired to an exclusive contract some 4 years later) and an
    increasingly popular roster of new animated stars: Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and,
    especially Bugs Bunny (formally introduced in 1940).
    Fiercely anti-union, Schlesinger had few qualms over shutting his newly
    unionized studio down twice in the early 1940's balking at his animator's demands for higher wages.

    Surprisingly, Leon didn't work for Warner's exclusively;
    he assigned units to work for animated segments of films for Paramount,
    RKO (Disney's distributor!) and Republic.
    Schlesinger himself remained as arrogant and egotistical as ever,
    decidedly non-creative while continuing to rail against spiraling costs,
    so this early golden age essentially happened despite his presence.
    Leon decided to sell his company to Warner Brothers in July, 1944 for $700,000.00
    and in a measure of true Schlesinger generosity, he rewarded each of his directors
    a gold pen set and invited them to dinner at his mansion for the first and last time
    to celebrate their years together.
    The retired mini-mogul died on Christmas Day, 1949, his public reputation forever cemented by the words,
    'A Leon Schlesinger Production' plastered on a multitude of classic cartoons.
    - IMDb Mini Biography By: Jack Backstreet

    Was the inspiration for Daffy Duck's lisp.

    Left an estate worth $904,700.00

    As bad as Schlesinger could be to work for, his replacement, ex-Warner Bros.
    publicity director Edward Selzer, was worse. Schlesinger simply ignored the creative process
    , while Selzer was annoyed by it.
    Chuck Jones recalled Selzer admonishing his directors laughing in a hallway saying,
    'and just what the hell does all this laughter got to do with making animated cartoons?'
    From its creation in August, 1931 through the end of the decade,
    Schlesinger's 'Merrie Melodies' (the second series created after Looney Tunes in May, 1930)
    were contractually obligated to contain at least one song out of the Warner Brothers licensed catalog. This requirement often resulted in the story lines being stopped dead in their tracks; his unit directors hated this requirement.
    Withdrew his cartoons from Academy Award consideration
    in 1938 as a protest for perceived preferential treatment afforded to Walt Disney.

    Personal Quotes
    His usual statement before he saw the cartoons in the the showing room:
    "Roll the Garbage"
    [His initial response to "Snow White & the Seven Dwarves] I need animated features like I need two assholes

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    1936 Let It Be Me (Short) (producer)
    1936 Plane Dippy (Short) (producer)
    1936 Westward Whoa (Short) (producer)
    1936 The Blow Out (Short) (producer)
    1936 I'm a Big Shot Now (Short) (producer)
    1936 Alpine Antics (Short) (producer)
    1936 The Fire Alarm (Short) (producer)
    1936 Boom Boom (Short) (producer)
    1936 The Phantom Ship (Short) (producer)
    1936 The Cat Came Back (Short) (producer)
    1936 I Wanna Play House (Short) (producer)
    1935 Flowers for Madame (Short) (producer)
    1935 Billboard Frolics (Short) (producer)
    1935 Gold Diggers of '49 (Short) (producer)
    1935 Hollywood Capers (Short) (producer)
    1935 Little Dutch Plate (Short) (producer)
    1935 A Cartoonist's Nightmare (Short) (producer)
    1935 The Lady in Red (Short) (producer)
    1935 Buddy the Gee Man (Short) (producer)
    1935 The Merry Old Soul (Short) (producer)
    1935 Buddy Steps Out (Short) (producer)
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    1934 Pop Goes Your Heart (Short) (producer)
    1934 Those Beautiful Dames (Short) (producer)
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    1934 Buddy the Woodsman (Short) (producer)
    1934 Rhythm in the Bow (Short) (producer)
    1934 Buddy the Detective (Short) (producer)
    1934 Shake Your Powder Puff (Short) (producer)
    1934 The Miller's Daughter (Short) (producer)
    1934 The Girl at the Ironing Board (Short) (producer)
    1934 Why Do I Dream Those Dreams (Short) (producer)
    1934 Buddy's Bearcats (Short) (producer)
    1934 How Do I Know It's Sunday (Short) (producer)
    1934 Buddy of the Apes (Short) (producer)
    1934 Goin' to Heaven on a Mule (Short) (producer)
    1934 Buddy's Trolley Troubles (Short) (producer)
    1934 Those Were Wonderful Days (Short) (producer)
    1934 Beauty and the Beast (Short) (producer)
    1934 Buddy's Adventures (Short) (producer)
    1934 Buddy's Garage (Short) (producer)
    1934 Buddy and Towser (Short) (producer)
    1934 Honeymoon Hotel (Short) (producer)
    1934 Pettin' in the Park (Short) (producer)
    1934 Buddy the Gob (Short) (producer)
    1933 Sittin' on a Backyard Fence (Short) (producer)
    1933 Buddy's Show Boat (Short) (producer)
    1933 Buddy's Beer Garden (Short) (producer)
    1933 I've Got to Sing a Torch Song (Short) (producer)
    1933 Buddy's Day Out (Short) (producer)
    1933 Bosko's Picture Show (Short) (producer)
    1933 We're in the Money (Short) (producer)
    1933 Bosko the Musketeer (Short) (producer)
    1933 The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (Short) (producer)
    1933 Bosko's Mechanical Man (Short) (producer)
    1933 The Man from Monterey (producer - uncredited)
    1933 Shuffle Off to Buffalo (Short) (producer)
    1933 Beau Bosko (Short) (producer)
    1933 Bosko the Sheep-Herder (Short) (producer)
    1933/I I Like Mountain Music (Short) (producer)
    1933 Bosko's Knight-Mare (Short) (producer)
    1933 Somewhere in Sonora (producer)
    1933 Wake Up the Gypsy in Me (Short) (producer)
    1933 The Organ Grinder (Short) (producer)
    1933 Bosko the Speed King (Short) (producer)
    1933 The Telegraph Trail (producer)
    1933 Young and Healthy (Short) (producer)
    1933 Bosko in Person (Short) (producer)
    1933 One Step Ahead of My Shadow (Short) (producer)
    1933 Bosko in Dutch (Short) (producer)
    1933 The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives (Short) (producer)
    1932 Bosko's Woodland Daze (Short) (producer)
    1932 Haunted Gold (producer - uncredited)
    1932 Three's a Crowd (Short) (producer)
    1932 Bosko's Dizzy Date (Short) (producer)
    1932 A Great Big Bunch of You (Short) (producer)
    1932 Bosko the Drawback (Short) (producer)
    1932 I Wish I Had Wings (Short) (producer)
    1932 The Big Stampede (producer)
    1932 Ride Him, Bosko! (Short) (producer)
    1932 You're Too Careless with Your Kisses! (Short) (producer)
    1932 Bosko the Lumberjack (Short) (producer)
    1932 Ride Him, Cowboy (producer - uncredited)
    1932 Bosko's Store (Short) (producer)
    1932 I Love a Parade (Short) (producer)
    1932 Bosko at the Beach (Short) (producer)
    1932 The Queen Was in the Parlor (Short) (producer)
    1932 Bosko's Dog Race (Short) (producer)
    1932 Moonlight for Two (Short) (producer)
    1932 Bosko and Honey (Short) (producer)
    1932 It's Got Me Again! (Short) (producer)
    1932 Bosko and Bruno (Short) (producer)
    1932 Goopy Geer (Short) (producer)
    1932 Bosko's Party (Short) (producer)
    1932 Crosby, Columbo, and Vallee (Short) (producer)
    1932 Big-Hearted Bosko (Short) (producer)
    1932 Freddy the Freshman (Short) (producer)
    1932 Battling Bosko (Short) (producer)
    1932 Pagan Moon (Short) (producer)
    1932 Bosko at the Zoo (Short) (producer)
    1931 Red-Headed Baby (Short) (producer)
    1931 Bosko's Fox Hunt (Short) (producer)
    1931 Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land (Short) (producer)
    1931 Bosko's Soda Fountain (Short) (producer)
    1931 You Don't Know What You're Doin'! (Short) (producer)
    1931 Bosko the Doughboy (Short) (producer)
    1931 One More Time (Short) (producer)
    1931 Bosko Shipwrecked! (Short) (producer)
    1931 Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! (Short) (producer)
    1931 Lady, Play Your Mandolin! (Short) (producer)
    1931 The Tree's Knees (Short) (producer)
    1931 Bosko's Holiday (Short) (producer)
    1931 Yodeling Yokels (Short) (producer)
    1931 Dumb Patrol (Short) (producer)
    1931 Ups 'n Downs (Short) (producer)
    1931 Ain't Nature Grand! (Short) (producer)
    1931 Big Man from the North (Short) (producer)
    1930 Box Car Blues (Short) (associate producer)
    1930 Crying for the Carolines (Short) (producer)
    1930 The Booze Hangs High (Short) (associate producer)
    1930 Hold Anything (Short) (producer)
    1930 Congo Jazz (Short) (associate producer)
    1930 Sinkin' in the Bathtub (Short) (associate producer)
    1929 Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid (Short) (producer)

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Leon Schlesinger (May 20, 1884 – December 25, 1949) was an American film producer,
    remembered for founding Leon Schlesinger Studios, which later became the Warner Bros.
    Cartoons studio, during the Golden Age of American animation.
    He was also a distant relative of the Warner Brothers. As head of his own studio,
    Schlesinger served as the producer of Warner's Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons from 1930,
    when Schlesinger assumed production from his subcontractors,
    Harman-Ising, to 1944, when Warner acquired the studio.


    Leon Schlesinger produced 6 Movies starring Duke

    Haunted Gold (1932)
    Ride Him Cowboy (1932)
    The Big Stampede (1932)
    The Telegraph Trail (1933)
    Somewhere in Sonora (1933)
    The Man from Montery (1933)

    Best Wishes
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