Rage at Dawn (1955)

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    • Rage at Dawn (1955)




      Plot Summary
      Terrorizing 1866 Indiana, the Reno brothers gang uses the town of Seymour as a safe haven,
      paying off three crooked town officials.
      Sent in to clean up the gang is Peterson Detective Agency operative James Barlow,
      who poses as an outlaw to gain the confidence of the officials and the thick-headed brothers.
      Complicating matters are Barlow's feelings for the Reno sister,
      Laura, who reluctantly keeps house for the boys out of family loyalty.
      Events heat up and rage surfaces as Barlow sets up the gang in a dawn train robbery.
      Written by Doug Sederberg

      Randolph Scott ... James Barlow
      Forrest Tucker ... Frank Reno
      Mala Powers ... Laura Reno
      J. Carrol Naish ... Simeon 'Sim' Reno
      Edgar Buchanan ... Judge
      Myron Healey ... John Reno
      Howard Petrie ... Lattimore - Prosecuting Attorney
      Ray Teal ... Sheriff of Seymour
      William Forrest ... William Peterson
      Denver Pyle ... Clint Reno
      revor Bardette ... Fisher
      Kenneth Tobey ... Monk Claxton
      and many more...

      Tim Whelan

      Writing Credits
      Horace McCoy ... (screenplay)
      Frank Gruber ... (story)

      Nat Holt ... producer

      Paul Sawtell

      Ray Rennahan ... director of photography

      Ten members of the Reno gang were lynched in three separate incidents in 1868.
      The first three were taken by vigilantes from a train.
      Three others were lynched at a later time.
      The last lynching, which included three Reno brothers, Frank, Sim, and Bill,
      actually claimed a fourth victim, gang member Charlie Anderson.
      Anderson and Frank Reno were technically in federal custody when they were lynched.
      This is believed to be the only time in U.S. history that a federal prisoner
      had ever been lynched by a mob before a trial.

      The part of the honest Reno brother Clint was played by Denver Pyle
      One year later Elvis Presley made his film debut playing
      the same character in Love Me Tender (1956).

      A vintage photograph shows John Reno wearing a porkpie hat.
      However, Myron Healey's John wears a standard cowboy hat,
      and it is brother Clint who's costumed in a porkpie.

      Train being robbed both times is Sierra Railway #3 out of Jamestown, CA.

      Factual errors
      In the film brothers Frank, Sim, and John are lynched.
      In reality John was not hanged by the vigilantes but had been imprisoned and lived until 1895.
      Bill was the third brother hanged although in the film he is killed
      in a bungled bank robbery early in the film.

      Although the film shows two of the identified vigilantes were imprisoned for the crime,
      in reality not one of the 65 man lynch mob was ever identified or punished.

      The film takes place in 1866.
      When Randolph Scott is in the dry goods store the man asks
      if he is an artist like Rembrandt or Van Gogh.
      The problem is, Van Gogh was only thirteen years old
      at the time and not a famous artist.

      Revealing mistakes
      Set in Indiana in 1866, the opening sequences reveal telephone poles
      and telephone lines in the background.
      Also, the U.S. and California State flag are shown on a flagpole in the background.
      (The film was shot in California)

      Although the film is set in the Midwestern state of Indiana,
      the opening sequence shows a desert landscape and the kind
      of towering buttes found in the Southwest--e.g.,
      Utah and Arizona--and not on the flat prairies of Indiana.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Honey Run Covered Bridge, Chico, California, USA (Opening & closing Credits})
      Arizona, USA
      Sierra Railroad, Jamestown, California, USA (Robbery)
      Murphys Hotel, 457 Main Street, Murphys, California, USA (Lynch Mob scene)
      Columbia State Historic Park - 22708 Broadway, Columbia, California, USA
      Sonora, California, USA
      Ratto Ranch ,Sonora California, USA (Farmhouse)

      Watch the Movie

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Rage at Dawn (1955)

      Rage at Dawn is a 1955 Technicolor Western film directed by
      Tim Whelan, and starring Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Mala Powers, and J. Carrol Naish.

      It purports to tell the true story of the Reno Brothers,
      an outlaw gang which terrorized the American Midwest, particularly Southern Indiana,
      in the period immediately following the American Civil War.

      A more successful version of the Reno brothers' story was released the following year
      as Love Me Tender, starring Elvis Presley as Clint Reno.


      User Review

      great cast and unusual locale.....
      24 July 2006 | by johnmiatech (United States)

      john wrote:

      I am a great fan of westerns. Knowing the state of California quite well,

      I particularly like to identify locations used in films. As the primary California locations are the Alabama Hills in Inyo Co., Vasquez Rocks in LA Co., Red Rock Canyon in Kern Co. and various areas near Bishop,
      I was interested in the locale used here....just south of the present New Melones Reservoir in Calaveras Co. and the state park in Columbia... especially as they were supposed to be somewhere in southern Indiana. This movie had a very strong cast but a bit of a choppy plot. I would also add that neither the vegetation nor the rock outcroppings fit with Indiana,
      and for a western buff, will distract from an otherwise acceptable film.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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