Run for Cover (1955)

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    • Run for Cover (1955)




      Plot Summary
      Odd little Western that gets off to a snappy start when a man (Matt Dow) is mistaken as a train robber. After the town's sheriff shoots the kid he's riding with, Dow clears his name and ends up as the new sheriff. He romances a Swedish woman and settles in to a peaceful life only to find that the boy has a few secrets of his own.
      Written by Ed Lorusso

      James Cagney ... Matt Dow
      Viveca Lindfors ... Helga Swenson
      John Derek ... Davey Bishop
      Jean Hersholt ... Mr. Swenson
      Grant Withers ... Gentry
      Jack Lambert Jack Lambert ... Larsen
      Ernest Borgnine ... Morgan
      Ray Teal ... Sheriff
      Irving Bacon ... Scotty
      Trevor Bardette ... Paulsen
      John Miljan ... Mayor Walsh
      Gus Schilling ... Doc Ridgeway
      Henry Wills ... Townsman (uncredited)
      and many more...

      Nicholas Ray

      Writing Credits
      Winston Miller ... (screenplay)
      Harriet Frank Jr. ... (story) and
      Irving Ravetch ... (story)
      William C. Thomas ... (uncredited)

      William H. Pine ... producer
      William C. Thomas ... producer

      Howard Jackson

      Daniel L. Fapp ... director of photography (as Daniel Fapp)

      Rereleased in black-and-white.

      Final film of Jean Hersholt.

      This is the second of three westerns that Cagney made. His first western was "The Oklahoma Kid" (1939) and his third and final one was "Tribute To A Bad Man" (1956).

      First of 2 movies titled Run For Cover Viveca Lindfors appeared in, the second, her last movie, was in 1995.

      Errors in geography
      In the soundtrack in Spanish --in Spain distribution, at least-- the Swensons are throughout referred to as Swiss people, and their country of origin as Switzerland.

      Revealing mistakes
      When Mr. Swenson falls off his buckboard, he lands on a rectangular patch of ground obviously prepared in advance for the stunt.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Aztec Ruins National Monument - 84 County Road 2900, Aztec, New Mexico, USA
      Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway, Durango, Colorado, USA
      Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (studio)
      Silverton, Colorado, USA
      Bloomfield, New Mexico, USA
      Aztec, New Mexico, USA
      Durango, Colorado, USA
      Hesperus, Colorado, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Run for Cover is a 1955 western film directed by
      Nicholas Ray and starring James Cagney, Viveca Lindfors, John Derek,
      and in his final film, Jean Hersholt.
      Distributed by Paramount Pictures, this film was made in VistaVision.

      User Review

      James Cagney looks upon John Derek as a son
      28 May 2016 | by msroz (United States)

      msr wrote:

      "Run for Cover" (1955) is a solid western but not a classic. The story is quite good, introducing intriguing and full characterizations and accompanying twists and surprises. The screenplay has incisive dialog to bring the story to life. James Cagney is first rate, and he's not an actor associated with westerns. John Derek makes his character quite believable too, placing us in the same difficult position that Cagney is in to decide which way he'll go. Ernest Borgnine has a relatively small role as an outlaw as has Grant Withers. Jack Lambert is a townie. Viveca Lindfors is a Swedish immigrant and her dad is the venerable Jean Hersholt.

      The directing of Nicholas Ray is felt but not seen in this movie. It's unobtrusive, its impact mainly being on relationships and drawing out good performances. The central relationship is between Cagney as a stand-in fatherly figure for John Derek, a stand-in for his lost son.

      What perhaps prevents this film from achieving top-tier or classic status is that its conflicts are not delineated as much or as strongly throughout to make the whole story vibrate with them. It plays like a homey drama at times, and that loosens its focus. Some of the action is familiar. The story is simply not strong enough on the dimension of conflict and/or Ray chose not to bring it out.

      The movie is a big plus for John Derek fans. He's perhaps an underrated star. He carries a lot of power and intensity in his smoldering portrayals in memorable films like "The Ten Commandments", "Knock on Any Door" and "The Flesh Is Weak". His role here is difficult and he handles its ambiguities of maturity and masculinity, of good and bad, of greed and weakness, very well. He doesn't fall into the extreme of maudlin adolescence or another extreme of psychological imbalance. See him also in "The Outcast" for another western in which he excels.
      Best Wishes
      London- England