Lucille Browne

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    • Lucille Browne

      lucile_browne___call_her_sausage.jpg LUCILLE BROWNE


      Date of Birth
      18 March 1907,
      Memphis, Tennessee, USA

      Date of Death
      10 May 1976,
      Lexington, Virginia, USA

      Birth Name Lucile Ruth Browne

      Height 5' 4" (1.63 m)

      Pretty, blue-eyed Lucile Browne started out, like many another Hollywood actress, as a model.
      Unlike other models, however, she didn't go directly from there to films;
      she joined a theatrical troupe in Chicago, and spent time gaining experience before she headed to Hollywood,
      where in 1930 she was signed by Fox Film Corp.
      After parts in a few comedies and romance pictures, she found her niche in westerns and action serials.
      Her pretty, girl-next-door looks made her a natural to be menaced by sundry villains
      and rescued by stout-hearted heroes, and she proceeded to do just that for many studios, both major and minor.
      It was on the set of a 1932 Universal serial that she met actor James Flavin;
      they soon married and stayed together for more than 40 years, until his death.
      Lucile basically retired from films in 1938 to raise her family,
      appearing in only a few films until her death in 1976.
      - IMDb Mini Biography By: Anonymous

      James Flavin (1932 - 23 April 1976) (his death) (1 child)

      She died 17 days after her husband.
      She had one son, William James Flavin, a professor.
      In the mid-1960s, Lucile worked at the May Company Department Store
      (now Macy's in Westwood, California) in the fabric and yardage department,
      a job she truly enjoyed. Her home was walking distance to the store.

      1950 No Sad Songs for Me ...Mrs. Hendrickson (uncredited)
      1950 A Woman of Distinction ...Manicurist (uncredited)
      1947 Wife to Spare (Short) ...Mrs. Ruthie Clyde
      1945 The Thin Man Goes Home ...Skating Woman (uncredited)
      1944 Ladies of Washington ...Taxi Passenger (uncredited)
      1944 Once Upon a Time ...Miss Flemming (uncredited)
      1942 A Tragedy at Midnight ...Nurse (uncredited)
      1941 Doctors Don't Tell (uncredited)
      1939 The Story of Elias Howe (Short)...Elizabeth Howe
      1939 Missing Daughters ...Estelle (uncredited)
      1938 Sweethearts ...Chorus Girl (uncredited)
      1937 Dead End ...Well-Dressed Woman (uncredited)
      1937 Cheyenne Rides Again ...Sally Lane
      1936 The Crooked Trail ...Helen Carter
      1935 Magnificent Obsession ..Nurse (uncredited)
      1935 Tumbling Tumbleweeds ...Jerry (as Lucille Browne)
      1935 Western Frontier ...Mary Harper
      1935 On Probation ...Jane Murray
      1935 Rainbow Valley ...Eleanor (as Lucille Browne)
      1935 Secrets of Chinatown ...Zenobia
      1935 Texas Terror ...Bess Mathews (as Lucille Browne)
      1934 Elinor Norton ...Publisher's Staff (uncredited)
      1934 The Brand of Hate ...Margie Larkins
      1934 Law of the Wild ...Alice Ingram (as Lucille Browne)
      1934 Hide-Out ...Blonde with Headache (uncredited)
      1934 When New York Sleeps ...Nurse (scenes deleted)
      1933 Flying Down to Rio ...Belinha's Friend (uncredited)
      1933 The Mystery Squadron ...Dorothy Gray
      1933 Fighting Playboy ...Connie
      1933 Double Harness ...Valerie Colby Moore
      1933 King of the Arena ...Mary Hiller (as Lucille Browne)
      1933 The Moonshiner's Daughter (Short) ...Emmy Catfield - The Moonshiner's Daughter (as Lucille Brown)
      1933 Call Her Sausage (Short) ...Matilda Schmaltz (uncredited)
      1933 Fra Diavolo ...Zerlina
      1933 Parole Girl ...Miss Manning (uncredited)
      1932 The Last of the Mohicans ...Alice Munro
      1932 The Airmail Mystery ...Mary Ross
      1932 Cannonball Express ...Sally
      1932 The Big Race ...Mary Lou
      1931 Battling with Buffalo Bill ...Jane Mills
      1931 Girls About Town ...Edna Howard
      1931 Danger Island ...Bonnie Adams
      1931 Young as You Feel ...Dorothy Gregson
      1930 Soup to Nuts ...Louise - Otto's Niece
      1930 The Last of the Duanes ...Ruth Garrett
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Lucile Browne (March 18, 1907 – May 10, 1976) was an American film actress.
      She starred opposite John Wayne
      in the 1935 films Texas Terror and Rainbow Valley.

      While filming The Airmail Mystery
      in 1932, Browne met her future husband, actor James Flavin.
      They married soon after and stayed together for more than 40 years until his death April 23, 1976.
      Devastated over his death, Browne died seventeen days later on May 10.
      She had one son, William James Flavin, a professor.

      Lucille Brown & Duke in Texas Terror

      Lucille Brown was the leading lady in 2 of Duke's early westerns

      Texas Terror (1935)
      Rainbow Valley (1935)
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Most moviegoers are attracted by the star, but backing that star are a myriad
      of co-stars, support and character actors.

      One of many, who only made a couple of movies with
      Duke was Lucille Browne.

      She made a rare appearance ,in an equally rare movie , broadcast on TV yesterday.
      The movie was
      Brand of Hate (1935) starring Duke friend Bob Steele.

      A pretty corny affair, and not even in the same league as Duke's movies of the same year,
      e.g. Texas Terror and Rainbow Valley (1935)
      the two films Lucille Browne appeared with Duke.

      Lucille always appeared cast as the sexual attraction to all villains and rogues alike,
      until rescued by the likes of Duke or Bob Steele.

      In these recent post-silent times, movies were still very staged and theatrical,
      and it is amusing to see the harassed
      Lucille Browne, floundring her arms and pulling hammy facial expressions,
      as if saying 'Get off, go way,you scoundrel!!'

      Dig a couple of films out of the collection, watch and have some fun!!
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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