Wichita Town (1959- 1960) (TV Series)

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    • Wichita Town (1959- 1960) (TV Series)




      Plot Summary
      Wichita, Kansas, USA was a growing town after the American Civil War.
      Helping the town grow were Marshal Mike Dunbar and his deputies, Ben Matheson and Rico Rodriguez.
      Also appearing were the town doctor, Nat Wyndham, the blacksmith, Aeneas MacLinahan,
      and the bartender in the local saloon, Joe Kingston.
      Written by J.E. McKillop

      Series Cast
      Joel McCrea ... Marshal Mike Dunbar / ... (26 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Jody McCrea ... Ben Matheson / ... (22 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Robert Foulk ... Joe Kingston (6 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Robert Anderson ... Aeneas MacLinahan (5 episodes, 1959-1960)
      George N. Neise ... Dr. Nat Wyndham (5 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Carlos Romero ... Rico Rodriguez / ... (4 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Charles Seel Charles Seel ...
      Charlie Cruter / ... (3 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Dave Willock ... Quincy (3 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Frank Ferguson ... Mayor Eric Holbein (2 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Pitt Herbert ... Art Sutton / ... (2 episodes, 1959)
      James Coburn James Coburn ...
      Fletcher / ... (2 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Cliff Fields ... Gregg / ... (2 episodes, 1960)
      John McIntire ... Frank Matheson (2 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Earle Hodgins ... Old Man / ... (2 episodes, 1959)
      John Pickard ... Bain (2 episodes, 1959-1960)
      I. Stanford Jolley ... Hank Balenger / ... (2 episodes, 1960)
      Suzanne Lloyd ... Laura / ... (2 episodes, 1960)
      Gene Evans ... Otis Stockett (1 episode, 1960)
      and many more...

      Series Directed
      R.G. Springsteen ... (3 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Jesse Hibbs ... (2 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Jerry Hopper ... (2 episodes, 1959)
      Frank Baur ... (1 episode, 1959)
      Walter Grauman ... (1 episode, 1960)

      Series Writing Credits
      Frank Davis ... (1 episode, 1959)
      Eric Freiwald ... (2 episodes, 1959-1960)
      David P. Harmon ... (1 episode, 1959)
      Ellis Kadison ... (1 episode, 1959)
      Lawrence Menkin ... (1 episode, 1960)
      Paul Savage ... (3 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Robert Schaefer ... (2 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Richard Alan Simmons ... (1 episode, 1959)
      Barney Slater ... (1 episode, 1960)
      Daniel B. Ullman ... (1 episode, 1959)

      Series Produced
      Richard V. Heermance ... associate producer (5 episodes, 1959-1960)
      Frank Baur ... producer (unknown episodes)

      Series Music
      Hans J. Salter ... (7 episodes, 1959-1960) Series

      Carl E. Guthrie ... (4 episodes, 1960)
      Charles Burke ... (3 episodes, 1959)
      Guy Roe ... (1 episode, 1959)

      Filming Locations
      Iverson Ranch - 1 Iverson Lane, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA

      Watch the Intro

      [extendedmedia] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXSYooK64no
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Wichita Town is a half-hour western television series starring
      Joel McCrea, Jody McCrea, Carlos Romero, and George Neise that aired on NBC
      from September 30, 1959, until April 6, 1960.

      Joel McCrea played Marshal Mike Dunbar, in charge of keeping the peace the booming cowtown of Wichita, Kansas.
      His deputies were Ben Matheson, played by McCrea's real life son, Jody, and Rico Rodriquez,
      portrayed by Carlos Romero. Making occasional appearances were the town doctor,
      Nat Wyndham (played by George Neise), the blacksmith,
      Aeneas MacLinahan (played by Robert Anderson), and the bartender in the local saloon,
      Joe Kingston, played in six episodes by Robert Foulk.

      The model for shows such as these had already been laid out by other western programs such as
      Gunsmoke, Lawman, and The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, so Wichita Town may not have been unique
      in its plotting and structure.

      The two most unusual features about the series were the presence of Joel McCrea,
      a favorite of Western movie audiences for his performance in such films as
      Union Pacific, Buffalo Bill, and Ramrod,
      and the fact that his real life son was in Wichita Town, but did not play his son.
      Wichita Town was produced by Mirisch Company and
      Joel McCrea's Production company for Four Star Television
      and aired for a single season.

      User Review

      a sturdy marshal (joel McCrea) watches over the town of Wichita, Kansas in the 1880s
      21 March 2006 | by dougbrode (United States)

      doug wrote:

      This short lived western, which appeared at a time when the airwaves were so glutted with cowboy shows that some had to fall through the cracks, has developed something of a cult reputation as being one of the really good ones that somehow got away. In truth, much of it was standard stuff, with the decent minded lawman (Joel McCrea) and his young deputy (Jody McCrea), pretty much the same formula as you could find over at ABC with Lawman (Wichita Town was on NBC). There was a nice feel for the cowtown, however, and several intriguing elements that are worth noting. For one thing, though the father and son team of the McCreas were featured, they didn't play father and son, though they were an older and younger man in a father-son style relationship. Second, though the characters' names were fictional, they were supposed to be Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. (Young Jody's character's name was even "Ben Masters," allowing for a hint at the historicity they had to suggest rather than admit owing to the fact that Hugh O'Brian and Alan Dinehart had already done the story of that friendship over at ABC on The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp. Perhaps that helps explain why Wichita Town never caught on - there was a sense of deja vu to it all, which doesn't mean that it wasn't good, only that it arrived a little late in the TV western game. Apparently, McCrea had wanted to play Earp on TV. One of his best B+ westerns of the mid-fifties was Wichita Town, in which he played Earp and Keith Larson (later in such TV westerns as Brave Eagle and Northwest Passage) was young Masterson. That film opened in theatres only months before the ABC Earp/Masterson series premiered. So McCrea backed off and then gave it a noble try with this one-season wonder. If hardly a classic of its type, this was a highly watchable variation on what then was an all too common theme, with McCrea bringing a certain substance to the role that most of the young cowboy stars then on the air couldn't come close to.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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