The Last Outlaw (1994) (TV Movie)

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    • The Last Outlaw (1994) (TV Movie)

      (TV Movie)



      Plot Summary
      After a bloodbath of a robbery taken right out of "The Wild Bunch"
      and then being betrayed by his gang, Graff joins the side of the law
      to hunt his enemies and kill them one by one.
      Written by Jason Ihle

      Mickey Rourke ... Graff
      Dermot Mulroney ... Eustis
      Ted Levine ... Potts
      John C. McGinley ... Wills
      Steve Buscemi ... Philo
      Keith David ... Lovecraft
      Daniel Quinn ... Loomis
      Gavan O'Herlihy ... Marshal Sharp
      Richard Fancy ... Banker McClintock
      Tom Connor ... Bank Teller
      Sid Klinge ... Young Man
      Phil Mead ... Bartender
      Paul Ben-Victor ... Posseman Grubb
      Greg Doty ... Posseman #1
      J.D. Garfield ... Posseman #2 (as John David Garfield)
      Jake Walker ... Posseman #3
      Marvin Gilbert ... Posseman
      Edward Proudfoot ... Posseman
      Joey Rourke ... Posseman
      Darryl Shay ... Posseman
      and more...

      Geoff Murphy

      Writing Credits
      Eric Red

      John Davis ... producer
      Cynthia Fitzpatrick ... producer: trailer
      Merrill H. Karpf ... executive producer
      James Margellos ... co-producer
      Eric Red ... co-executive producer

      Mason Daring

      Jack Conroy


      The song that Graff repeatedly whistles, and is sung by the men accompanying him, is Unreconstructed Rebel aka Good Ol' Rebel. The song was not written until 1914, many years after the setting of the movie.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA
      Cook Ranch, Galisteo, New Mexico, USA
      Diablo Canyon, near, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
      Nambe Pueblo, Nambe, New Mexico, USA
      Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

      Watch the Movie

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • The Last Outlaw (1994) (TV)

      The Last Outlaw is a western starring Mickey Rourke, Dermot Mulroney,

      Ted Levine, Daniel Quinn, Gavan O'Herlihy, Keith David, John C. McGinley, and Steve Buscemi,
      along with a variety of other known actors, which has since become a cult classic among western genre fans.
      It was directed by Geoff Murphy and written by Eric Red.
      It was initially broadcast on HBO on October 30, 1993

      User Review

      Blood drenched machismo
      15 August 2016 | by NateWatchesCoolMovies (Canada)

      NATE wrote:

      The Last Outlaw is a revenge themed western written by Eric Red, and if you're at all familiar with his other works (he also penned The Hitcher and Near Dark), you'll have some idea of how bloody and intense it is. It's a smile story populated by hard bitten, gruff sons of bitches, and the violence comes fast and hard from all directions as soon as a few backs are stabbed, and several ravenous tempers ignited. Often in westerns the violence is clipped and minimal, the damage which a six gun does to flesh oddly shirked in favour of theatricality. This one has no use for that, and messily displays exactly what such a weapon does to people, repeatedly and with no discretion. It's rough, gritty, Walter Hill style stuff, with not a trace of levity, smash or buckle, and every character kicking up dirt and anger the whole time. The film opens with a daring bank robbery, executed by former civil war Colonel Graff (Mickey Rourke), and his brutal gang. Their victory turns sour when mutiny looms among them in the form of Graff's second in command, Eustos (Dermot Mulroney). He can't abide by Graff's sadistic methods, and bitterly betrays him. The rest is a bullet ridden cat and mouse game in the dusty deserts and shanty towns of the southwest, as the bodies pile up and the blood spatters in the dirt time and time again. Rourke is an implosive, grade A dickhead as Graff, a man less concerned with the fruits of his labor and more driven by the desire to exact violent retribution. One wonders if that's what he's in the game for anyway, to bide his time until something goes amiss, and the revel in the carnage. The supporting cast is just epic, with work from Steve Buscemi, Ted Levine, Paul Ben Victor, Richard Fancy, John C. McGinley and Keith David. It's essentially one big stylish bloodbath, a pulpy ride through the gutter of arrogant machismo. Terrific fun, if that's your thing.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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