Blind Justice (1994) (TV Movie)​

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    • Blind Justice (1994) (TV Movie)​

      (TV Movie)



      Plot Summary
      Canaan, a mysterious gunfighter left nearly blind from Civil War combat, roams through Mexico with a baby he has sworn to protect. On his way to a town where a family will supposedly adopt the baby, Canaan passes through a border town where U.S. Cavalry officers assigned to deliver a shipment of silver are under attack from bandits. With some reluctance, Canaan steps in to help the soldiers.
      Written by Ronos

      Armand Assante ... Canaan
      Elisabeth Shue ... Caroline
      Robert Davi ... Alacran
      Adam Baldwin ... Sgt. Hastings
      Ian McElhinney ... Father Malone
      Danny Nucci ... Roberto
      M.C. Gainey ... Bull
      Titus Welliver ... Sumner
      Jack Black ... Private
      Michael O'Neill ... Spencer Heyman
      Douglas Roberts ... Capt. Teller
      Gary Carlos Cervantes ... Luis (as Gary Cervantes)
      Jesse Dabson ... Pvt. Wilcox
      Stanton Davis ... Officer
      Jimmy Herman ... Shaman
      Clayton Landey ... Ernie Fowler
      James Oscar Lee ... Beauchamp
      Daniel O'Haco ... Scout
      Jeff O'Haco ... Vato
      Jon Pennell ... Young soldier
      Jason Rodriguez ... Hector (as Jason Reins-Rodriguez)
      Ric San Nicholas ... Remick
      Forrie J. Smith ... Coyote
      Michael A. Goorjian ... Soldier #1 (as Michael Goorjian)
      Tom Hodges ... Soldier #2
      and more...

      Richard Spence

      Writing Credits
      Daniel Knauf ... (written by)

      Cynthia Fitzpatrick ... producer: trailer
      David Heyman ... producer
      Neal H. Moritz ... producer
      Rick Nathanson ... producer

      Richard Gibbs

      Jack Conroy

      Elements of the film's story and main character were inspired by the DC comic book "Jonah Hex". It's a story of a deformed ex-confederate soldier who works as a bounty hunter.

      Factual errors
      Canaan carries two Colt Single Action Army 6-shot revolvers, which carry a maximum of six rounds each. However, in one shooting scene, he fires eight shots from one pistol, then draws the other and fires only four rounds. He then states that the second revolver is empty.

      Plot holes
      Most of the activities that Canaan performs throughout the movie, especially shooting and keeping his horse on course, would be impossible for a blind or nearly-blind man to do.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Gold Canyon, Arizona, USA
      Superstition Mountains, Arizona, USA
      Superstition Wilderness, Arizona, USA
      Sonoran Desert, Arizona, USA
      Apache Junction, Arizona, USA
      Apacheland Studios - 4369 S. Kings Ranch Road, Gold Canyon, Arizona, USA
      Superior, Arizona, USA
      Arizona, USA

      Watch the Movie

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Blind Justice (1994) (TV)​

      Blind Justice is a 1994 American television film on HBO directed by
      Richard Spence. It features Armand Assante, Robert Davi, Elisabeth Shue,
      Adam Baldwin, and Jack Black.
      First Nations actor Jimmy Herman (Dances with Wolves) appears as a shaman.
      It was shot entirely in Arizona.

      User Review

      Offbeat Western about a strange blind gunfighter caring a baby and taking on a nasty bandit named Alacran
      11 June 2012 | by ma-cortes

      ma wrote:

      A blind gunman roams through Mexico carrying a baby and seeks vengeance against a cruel Mexican outlaw and hoodlums . TV Western filmed in location and deals with a Blindman who arrives in a town ravaged by bandits . The gunfighter enemy is Alacran and his gang who terrorize themselves the villagers . There appears Canaan ( Armand Assante) , a mysterious gunslinger left nearly blind from Civil War combat at the battle of Antietam . At the beginning Canaan rescues a man from bandits , he then passes through a border town where Union Cavalry officers (led by Adam Baldwin) assigned to deliver a load of silver are under attack from brutal outlaws . With some reluctance, Canaan steps in to help the soldiers . Later on , Clay is imprisoned by the bandit Alacran (Robert Davi) and also townsfolk is living in terror of his band . In the middle of these two waring parties is a beautiful woman (Elizabeth Shue) who helps and heals Canaan . The gunfighter enters the town caught between two feuding factions, a nasty U.S. officer and a gang of Mexican bandits attempting to take the shipment , and is caught up in a struggle against them . But here is a problem however, Canaan is blind.

      The film packs violence , shootouts , high body-count , continuous flashbacks about Civil War , and it's fast moving and quite entertaining . There is plenty of action in the movie , guaranteeing some shoot'em up or stunts every few minutes . It's an exciting western with breathtaking showdown between the starring Armand Assante and his enemies , Robert Davi , Danny Nucci , among others . The movie contains gun-play, action Western , thrills and bloody spectacle . Screenplay with interesting premise about a 'blind gunfighter' though its origin results to be a Japanese series starred by ¨Zaitochi¨, a blind swordsman from the 60s and being recently remade by Takeshi Kitano . This interesting theme about a blind gunslinger is also treated in other films such as ¨The Blindman¨ by Ferdinando Baldi with Tony Anthony and Ringo Starr , ¨An eye for eye¨ by Michael Moore with Robert Lansing and ¨Minessota Clay¨ with Cameron Mitchell , directed by Sergio Corbucci . An interesting casting full of usual Titus Welliver , M.C.Gainey and brief appearance by then unknown Jack Black . Special mention to Robert Davi in his ordinary role as a cruelly baddie , he is terrific, and bears a hysterical and mocking aspect , subsequently he would play similar characters . The movie gets the ordinary Western issues, such as avengers antiheroes , violent facing off , quick scenes and exaggerated baddies . It's an improbable blending of standard Western with pursuits, high body-count and it's fast moving and quite entertaining . Mediocre cinematography by Jack Conroy, but is necessary a perfect remastering , being the copy washed-out .

      Direction by Richard Spence (New world disorder ,Brookside , Different for girls) is well crafted, here he is more cynical and violent and less inclined toward humor and packs too much action . Spence makes a nice camera work with clever choreography on the showdown , fighting , moving shootouts and bemusing scenes . It's an outlandish , surprising and uneven story but will appeal to Western aficionados . Rating : 5,5 , riotous Western in which there's too much action and violence and excitement enough .
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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