Texas (1941)

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    • Texas (1941)




      Plot Summary
      Two Virginians are heading for a new life in Texas when they witness a stagecoach being held up. They decide to rob the robbers and make off with the loot. To escape a posse, they split up and don't see each other again for a long time. When they do meet up again, they find themselves on different sides of the law. This leads to the increasing estrangement of the two men, who once thought of themselves as brothers.
      Written by Alfred Jingle

      William Holden ... Dan Thomas
      Glenn Ford ... Tod Ramsey
      Claire Trevor ... 'Mike' King
      George Bancroft ... Windy Miller
      Edgar Buchanan ... Buford 'Doc' Thorpe
      Don Beddoe ... Sheriff
      Andrew Tombes ... Tennessee
      Addison Richards ... Matt Lashan
      Edmund MacDonald ... Comstock
      Joseph Crehan ... Rancher Dusty King
      Willard Robertson ... Rancher Wilson
      Pat Moriarity ... Rancher Matthews (as Patrick Moriarty)
      Edmund Cobb ... Rancher Blaire
      Harry Tenbrook ... Handler / Cornerman at Fight (uncredited)
      Carleton Young ... Lashan Cowhand (uncredited)
      and many more...

      George Marshall

      Writing Credits
      Horace McCoy ... (screenplay)
      Lewis Meltzer ... (screenplay) (story)
      Michael Blankfort ... (screenplay)(story

      Samuel Bischoff

      Sidney Cutner ... (uncredited)
      Ross DiMaggio ... (uncredited)
      Carmen Dragon ... (uncredited)

      George Meehan

      As was often the case during his career, Holden shaved his chest before appearing, shirtless, in this movie's prizefighting sequence.

      Edgar Buchanan (Buford 'Doc' Thorpe)really is a dentist.

      The Texas town scenes appear to have been filmed at Melody Ranch in Southern California. Columbia, being a poor studio at the time, would have filmed close to Hollywood, so it makes sense.

      When William Holden ambushes the stagecoach robbers he removes the leaders gun from his holster two seconds later he is seen removing it again.

      Factual errors
      The story set in 1866, post-Civil War Texas has everyone armed with Colt Model 1873 pistols with bullet loops full of cartridges on their gun-belts, even the movie poster has William Holden's character Dan holding a short barrel 'gunfighter's' version of the .45 caliber pistol. This is seven years before the pistol was introduced by Colt. The most common sidearm of the day would have been the Colt 1869 Army which was a cap and ball weapon that had to be hand loaded chamber by chamber with powder, wadding and a ball projectile.

      Filming Locations
      Balkins Ranch near Calabasas, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Texas (1941)

      Texas is a 1941 Western film directed by George Marshall and starring Glenn Ford and William Holden.
      Texas was an early picture for both Holden (his seventh credited performance) and Ford (his ninth).

      Duke 'Pals'to look out for besides, Glen Ford, William Holden, Claire Trevor
      are George Bancroft, Edgar Buchanan
      Harry Tenbrook, Carleton Young

      User Review

      Very Good Western
      6 January 2013 | by lee1888 (United States)
      This is a very good western with two great up and coming actors at that time. Glen Ford and William Holden really shined in this movie and it paid off good for both of them.

      This was Fords 9th film and Holden's 6th, but you could never tell it by their acting. These two men played well off each other. It didn't hurt that they had Claire Trevor as their love interest either. The cast is rounded out with the great actor Edgar Buchanan playing the bad guy, I know it's hard to hate a man like Buchanan.

      This is NOT a B cowboy movie, far from it. The scrip and acting is very good, and the movie has a good plot as it moves alone and never leaves you bogged down. Ford and Holden play well off each other, so well in fact it wasn't long before Hollywood teamed them up again in another western "The Man From Colorado".

      So if your looking for a very good western with a great cast that has plenty of action along with some humor and love, you can't go wrong with this movie.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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