Frank & Jesse (1994)

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    • Frank & Jesse (1994)




      Plot Summary
      At the end of the Civil War, Frank and Jesse James and other former guerillas who rode with Quantrill and Bill Anderson take the oath of allegiance to the Union. Feeling oppressed by Chicago railroad investors, the James and Younger brothers, Bob and Charlie Ford, Clell Miller and Arch Clements take to robbing banks, trains and coaches, with Pinkerton sworn to bringing them to justice.
      Written by Jeff Hole

      Rob Lowe ... Jesse James
      Bill Paxton ... Frank James
      Randy Travis ... Cole Younger
      Dana Wheeler-Nicholson ... Annie
      Maria Pitillo ... Zee
      Luke Askew ... Lone Rider
      Sean Patrick Flanery ... Zack Murphy
      Alexis Arquette ... Charlie Ford
      Todd Field ... Bob Younger
      John Pyper-Ferguson ... Clell Miller
      Nicholas Sadler ... Arch Clements (as Nick Sadler)
      William Atherton ... Allan Pinkerton
      Tom Chick ... Detective Whitcher
      Mary Neff ... Widow Miller
      Richard Maynard ... John Sheets
      Jim Flowers ... Bob Ford
      Mari Askew ... Ma James
      William Michael Evans ... Jesse Jr.
      Lyle Armstrong ... McGuff
      Cole S. McKay ... Sheriff Baylor (as Cole McKay)
      Dennis Letts ... Railroad C.E.O.
      John Stiritz ... Ruben Samuels
      Micah Dyer ... John Younger
      Jackie Stewart ... Governor Crittendon
      Chad Linley ... Archie Samuels
      Rhed Khilling ... Stage Driver
      Jerry Saunders ... Northfield Teller
      D.C. 'Dash' Goff ... Engineer
      Robert Moniot ... Young Captain
      Norman Hawley ... Baptist Preacher
      Jeffrey Paul Johnson ... Davies Bank Teller
      Bryce Thomason ... Reporter (as Bryce Anthony Thomason)
      John Paxton ... Working Man
      Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis ... Woman on Train
      Sudie Henson ... Old Woman on Train
      and more...

      Robert Boris

      Writing Credits
      Robert Boris

      Mark Amin ... executive producer
      Cassian Elwes ... producer
      Bruce Wayne Gillies ... line producer
      Andrew Hersh ... co-producer
      Elliott Kastner ... producer
      Rob Lowe ... co-producer

      Mark McKenzie

      Walt Lloyd

      Even though, in the film, Jesse's home is shown as a big two-storey house,
      the original house is in fact much smaller and was located in town.
      However, the actual house still stands, but has been moved three times to its current location,
      next to the Patee House in St. Joseph, Missouri.
      The final scene with Jesse, the chair and picture is exactly how it happened according to Bob Ford.
      In the original house, there is still a dent and blood stain on the floor where Jesse fell.

      Bill Paxton and Dana Wheeler-Nicholson both appeared in another western together, "Tombstone"

      During the celebration of Jesse's new house one of the gang members is clearly carrying a modern Pump Action Shotgun. The earliest type of this weapon wasn't made till nearly a decade after James' death.

      During the Northfield Minnesota Raid, Cole Younger uses a Lever Action 10-Gauge Shotgun to blast his way out of an ice house. The raid took place on September 7th, 1876 and the first models of this type of shotgun wouldn't exist until 1887, more than a decade later.

      During the Northville raid, after Cole Younger (Randy Travis) kills the man who shot him off his horse, you can see two modern-day electrical transformers on a power line pole.

      Boom mic visible
      When the wounded Jesse James falls into the arms of Frank at the fireplace a microphone is visible on the top of the screen.

      In the first shoot out, first Jesse's gun is in his hand, then appears in his pants.

      During the Gallatin robbery the Youngers and Miller fire more shots than their six shooters would hold without reloading.

      During the first shoot out, the railroad man is at first standing in front of his pinto, then he has moved sideways, away from his horse, then before it ends he is back in front of his horse.

      Factual errors
      Jesse would not be standing taking the oath of fidelity to the union, he was shot in the chest trying to surrender and was bedridden for months.

      The James family house was blown up by the Pinkertons in 1875,
      long after the James gang was active and wanted.
      It was blown up in a raid to find Jesse and Frank, and his mothers arm was blown off, in this version it was blown up before the James' crime spree and his mother's arm is intact afterward, but was blown off by a shotgun in a later attack on the James home.

      Archie Clement was never a member of the James gang, although it is alleged Jesse and Frank were members of his gang. Clement never stopped raiding when the war stopped, he was shot by militia shortly after occupying Lexington, Missouri on election day in 1866.

      Allan Pinkerton was never involved, himself, in shoot outs with the James-Younger gangs, nor was he robbed by them.

      The James' brothers did not wait four years to begin their crime spree, it was less than a year after the war ended and probably by February, 1866.

      Revealing mistakes
      When Annie comes to find the two James' brothers shooting up the room while bathing,
      you can clearly hear someones pager vibrating.

      The newspaper headlines about the James Gang exploits during the movie and the underlying text had nothing to do with such captions as 'James Gang Robs Train' and 'Charlie Ford Captured'.

      Zee shoots Pinkerton's nephew from the side but the bullet hole on the corpse is in the front of his forehead.

      Factual errors
      Bob Younger did not die during the Northfield raid, he was captured along with his brothers, Cole and Jim (not portrayed in the film) and given a life sentence. He died in prison of tuberculosis.

      Revealing mistakes
      At 52 minutes into the movie, Pinkerton's nephew, who was shot by Jesse James' wife on the ferry and then rolled into the river, has been found on the riverbank and identified by Pinkerto

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Ole Main, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
      Memorial Hall, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
      Van Buren, Arkansas, USA
      Winslow, Arkansas, USA
      Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Frank and Jesse (also known as Frank & Jesse) is a 1994 American biographical western film
      written and directed by Robert Boris and starring Rob Lowe as Jesse James
      and Bill Paxton as Frank James.
      Based on the story of Jesse James, the film focuses more on the myth of
      The James Brothers than the real history. It originally aired on HBO.

      User Review

      Really Good Western Portrayal of Jesse and Frank James
      6 February 2006 | by f-u-b-a-r-12 (United States)

      fu wrote:

      This was the second Jesse James film I ever saw. I first saw American Outlaws and realized that it wasn't very accurate. This is not a great film like Dances With Wolves or Tombstone, but is very good in my book. It shows a lot about what the former confederates had to go through after the war. The movie really shows the darker side of Jesse James and how passionate he was about what he did. Rob Lowe, Bill Paxton, and Randy Travis are great. But why do they have to change things like Bob Younger being a mute, their first bank robbery being in 1869 when it was in 1866, the fact that Jesse was shot once in the head and the second shot missed, and Bob Younger being shot by his brother Cole when he was actually captured with Cole after the North Field Raid. I believe that these things could have been changed and made a even better movie. Besides some other little things this is a fine historical movie and one of my personal favorites. If you like it see The Long Riders.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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