The Last Days of Frank & Jesse James (1986) (TV Movie)

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    (TV Movie)



    Plot Summary
    This movie looks at the last years (not days, as implied in the title) of famous outlaws, Frank and Jesse James. The film opens in 1877 with the brothers trying to settle down after 15 years of thievery. Frank is shown to be a book-loving and family-oriented man, while brother Jesse is a money-hungry womanizer. The movie follows their lives through Jesse's death at the hands of the "rotten little coward" Bob Ford and Frank's death in 1915.
    Written by John Sacksteder

    Johnny Cash ... Frank James
    Kris Kristofferson ... Jesse James
    Marcia Cross ... Sarah Hite
    Gail Youngs ... Anna
    David Allan Coe ... Whiskeyhead
    Andy Stahl ... Liddil
    June Carter Cash ... Mother James
    Ed Bruce ... Maj. Edwards
    Darrell Wilks ... Bob Ford
    Meg Gibson ... Zee (as Margaret Gibson)
    James Sinclair
    Cherie Elledge-Grapes ... Martha Bolton
    Peter Bradshaw
    Earl Poole Ball ... Squire Earthman
    Jack Barlow ... Uncle George Hite
    Mac Bennett ... Clarence Hite
    John Brown ... Gentleman
    Daniel Butler ... New York reporter (as Dan Butler)
    Glen Clark ... Angry man
    David Cobb ... Dr. Samuels
    Bruce Carnahan ... Sedalia reporter
    Ed Evans ... Gov. Crittendon
    Marshall Fallwell Jr. ... Jim Ward
    Jeffrey Buckner Ford ... William Pinkerton (as Buck Ford)
    Donnie Fritts ... Jury Foreman
    Lecile Harris ... Bartender
    Mary Jane Harvill ... Actress
    Dan Hoffman ... Conductor Westfall
    John Jay Hooker Jr. ... John Phillips
    G.W. Jones ... Col. Starter
    Irv Kane ... John Eulich
    Joe Kurtzo ... French Joe Duval
    Jack Lawrence ... Gallatin sheriff
    Slick Lawson ... Ed Kelly
    William Newman ... Sheriff Timberlake
    John Ramsey ... Jake Igelhart
    Kal Roberts ... Sam Whitsett (as Tony Roberts)
    Jack Wesley Routh ... Train Supervisor
    John Jackson Routh ... Jesse Jr., age 7
    Rick Schulman ... Maddux
    Jimmy Tittle ... Jim McDaniels
    Dennis Tucker ... Bud McDaniels
    Byron Warner ... William Wallace
    Charlie Williams ... Judge
    Willie Nelson ... Gen. Jo Shelby

    William A. Graham

    Writing Credits
    Bill Stratton

    Joseph Cates ... executive producer
    Phillip Cates ... producer

    Paul Chihara

    Tony Imi

    In the film, June Carter Cash plays the mother of Frank and Jesse James, played by
    Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson respectively. In real life, Johnny Cash and June Carter were husband and wife.

    The film features three of the four members of the country music super-group "The Highwaymen":
    Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Willie Nelson. The only one not featured was Waylon Jennings.

    Frank James is taught the hymn, "The Old Rugged Cross", but this was not written until 1912. While Frank lived until 1915, Jesse was killed in 1882, and Jesse is still alive when Frank learns the hymn.

    When Frank is in Colorado across from and watching Ford's bar, a drunk is thrown out of the bar.
    Frank stands up with no hat on. After the camera angle changed, he is wearing a hat, and then on the next camera change his hat is off.

    Errors in geography
    The opening minutes are set in early April 1882 in Missouri. As Jesse James walks to his house,
    the street and yards are covered in dead leaves and nearby tree branches are mostly, but not quite completely, bare.
    The scene was likely filmed in the autumn months (of 1985).

    Most of the Colt Single Action Army revolvers in the movie have bright brass trigger guards and grip frames.
    On real SAAs, these parts were made of steel or iron, then finished in a deep blue that matched the barrel and cylinder.

    Memorable Quotes

    Filming locations
    Springfield, Tennessee, USA (street scenes)
    Tennessee Valley Railroad, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA (Railroad Museum)
    Tennessee, USA

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • The Last Days of Frank & Jesse James was a 1986 American western made for TV, directed by
    William A. Graham, and starring Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson
    as Frank and Jesse James

    User Review

    GREATEST Jesse James Movie Ever Made!
    15 September 2005 | by BOB L'ALOGE (southwestern Arizona)

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    London- England

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