John Wayne fan in Chile

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    • John Wayne fan in Chile

      The first movie with John Wayne that I saw was The Searchers. Then it was Tall in the Saddle, Back to Bataan, The Alamo and so forth.
      Probably the reason because I became a huge John Wayne fan was that I saw in him a father figure. I had lost my father when I was a kid and didn't have any rememberings with him. John Wayne did fill that important space for me as a child. And then as a teenager up until now. He had never betrayed me in any of his thoughts about anything. Maybe that's the main reason why I love him. To me John Wayne is America, he represents the best of the United States. God bless him. Thanks be to God that he gave us this Duke. :)
    • Welcome, Alvaro! You are not alone, in viewing Duke as a father figure - so many have over the decades!

      I think it's interesting that you list Tall in the Saddle among some of your first John Wayne films. We discovered it after having seem many of his films, and almost immediately it ranked among our favorites. But not as many as have seen that one as some of his better-known movies.

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