Hello from Ward Bonds biggest fan I just joined moments ago Bless you all

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    • Hello from Ward Bonds biggest fan I just joined moments ago Bless you all

      Hello again Now can anyone help me out on what I can do see , say be active on this great DUKE WAYNE site Im a novice NEW here as of 10 minutes ago.A retired historian IM writing a book on Waynes dearest friend WARD BOND of Wagon Train.To enjoy all the features here I need some advise on how to utilize this Website how best I can fit fit, post make comments pics etc, 58 years of Hollywood collecting so Id appreciate any help you Wayne lovers can be ,I did my profile Im on the Newbie page as Kevin ask me to do. I hope to be here a long time and I have much to share trust me. Wagons Ho TOMK collector on old Hollywood since 1958
    • And all Wayne fans here is some of my Ward Bond collection i accumulated over the years Heartfelt thanks from his biggest fan yes i cried for,a,week Nov 5th for a,week and Duke cried as pallbearer ill add .tomorrow,at the,library where i use a computer last 3 yrs ill explore your website to learn how to share my collection comment and post.Wagons Ho as my hero would say.message me anytime .Tomk historian
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    • Welcome aboard @ward bond!! Glad to have you join us here at the JWMB. It looks like you have a good grasp on posting to the forum. But if you have any questions about using the forum please feel free to post to Message Board Issues and/or Errors

      Also, be sure to check out the Pals of the Saddle forum for tons of info on Duke's co-stars including Ward Bond.
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
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    • I share your passion for Bond and the Duke. I am not an historian, but a collector. Just recently, I finally filled that big empty hole in my collection with this:

      Can't tell you how thrilled I was to get it, however, it is not without flaws. As with most costumes that went back to Western, it has been slightly altered, in that it was changed to being single breasted. No real issue, as he wears it belted open in most of the last part of the film.
    • Kevin- or anybody. I found Hawkswill on a Smith&Wesson gunsight. The last post was 12-2013.
      Also Ringo Kid was on their.
      Are these two people still around?
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