John Wayne hat from 26 Bar Ranch

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    • John Wayne hat from 26 Bar Ranch

      I am considering buying a hat that John Wayne wore on his 26 Bar Ranch. I am currently looking for photos of him wearing it. Could anyone here help me to determine the genuineity of it? It come with a LOA from the manager of the ranch Jack LeForce.


      I can also be reached on e-mail: [email protected]

      Kind regards,
      Kenneth Dokkeberg
    • Hello Kenneth. I looked through my copy of the book, "John Wayne: There Rode A Legend". There are quite a few pictures of Duke at the 26 Bar Ranch wearing Stetsons of various shades. There were a few that looked like the hat you are interested in. If you can, see if your local library has a copy of the book, or buy one off of ebay. I tried to take a picture of the photos in the book, but I don't have a scanner or a good camera. I wish you luck!

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