John Wayne's gun belt

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    • John Wayne's gun belt

      I'm new to the site. I've been a John Wayne fan all my life but I'm no expert on him. I've always been curious about something and I'm hoping someone can shed some light on it for me. Why did Wayne always wear his gun belt so low on his hips? I've noticed some other western starts did the same. Was it just common at the time or were they imitating his style? Or was there some other reason? Thanks in advance for your help. Kevin.
    • Hello and welcome to the board, KevinY. I never heard the reason but often thought that the lower the gun belt was, the faster your hand and gun can clear the holster. Anyone else know why this is?

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    • I don't know for a fact but I have heard it said that gunmen would wear the belts low for a quicker draw. It doesn't seem historically very accurate; because I don't know how you would ride a horse with your gunbelt that low. I suppose the logic behind it is that you would want your gun to hang about level with where your hand would be naturally swinging; so that if in a sudden gun battle you could draw quickly.
    • That is my take as well, get the gun butt as close to your hand as possible, but I do know it was also a personal preference and pictures of many of the real "gunmen" of the day show them with the gun butt pretty high up on the side and others with cross draws and others with lowered holsters. Eastwood wore his guns pretty high compared to Duke in many of his movies, especially Josie Wales. Many "gunfighter holsters' have the holster hung from a an area built into the belt which lowers the holster on the side. Of course the belt is going to hang toward the gun side due to the weight.

      This goes along with the thongs on the bottom of holsters that are tied around the thighs just above the knees. This was to hold the holster down so the gun would clear more quickly.

      I have read literally thousands of westerns and have read of every possible conception of "fast draw", and like many other things, it mostly "whatever feels right"