Original Hand carved wood heads

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    • Original Hand carved wood heads

      For Sale, Original Hand carved wood heads from John Wayne Deer Creek Ranch House in Selma, Oregon. See attached photos and heads for authenticity.

      David 702-419-8150
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    • Hello and welcome to the forum, daveswish. These are interesting to look at, but why are they no longer part of the ranch? Did they tear the ranch house down? Were these part of the decor when Duke was involved with the ranch, or were they added later? A little more info and the story behind them would be nice. Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for sharing the pics!

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Hello and Thank you for the welcome. Yes they were all wall mounted in the Dukes bedroom when he owned the Deer Creek Ranch House and 1003 acres. In 1998 A religious organization took it over as a high class venue but was a front for selling complex Trusts and offshore investments with a 48% annual return. After going through the US Attorney's office it opened a criminal case. From there the Ranch was donated to the College for the Geology Department Called Siskiyou Field Institute all personal items were removed and the Ranch House and was remodeled.