Was John Wayne Murdered?

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    • Was John Wayne Murdered?

      According to some of my former in-laws, John Wayne was murdered along with a member of their family. I was first told this story in the 1980s. Yes, I know, John Wayne died from cancer. But, that is part of the story. And, it has nothing to do with the making of the movie The Conqueror in the desert. Since that time, all of the people who were actually involved with this story have died. All I know is the story as I heard it (and remember it) from people who said they were involved. This video offers no proof, just a story. I cannot say if the alleged bad guys were really bad guys, or if this was just wild speculation. You'll have to judge that for yourself by watching the video. NOTE: My youngest daughter says it was reversed, WAYNE DIED FIRST AND UNCLE-IN-LAW DID EULOGY. It has also been 30+ years since this all allegedly happened. Here is the link to the video with the whole story -
    • Interesting story. But it's just a story and I feel it's more likely both men happened to have the same form of cancer. It happens everyday. Sounds like an interesting family you had there.
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    • It sure wasn't murder, but many on that movie in Utah did die of cancer. Maybe from the Nuclear bomb testings?
      It could have been from that radiation. I believe there is some possibility there.
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