New here. Looking for the name of a movie...

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    • New here. Looking for the name of a movie...

      Not a John Wayne movie, but it is a western. I don't remember who's in it, but I do remember the plot.

      Movie is about a guy who has a gambling problem. He goes into town to buy... something, with everything he has left and gets into a poker game with some high rollers. He keeps losing and losing, but finally gets a good hand... but he's run out of money. Dude passes out or whatever during the game and his wife, who's pissed at him, steps in play for him, and the rest of the movie is her trying to figure out how to get the money to stay in the game, while the game is still going on. And every time she's trying to convince someone to cover the bet she needs to call, she shows the person the hand her husband left with her and there's always this dramatic music sting and their eyes get really wide.

      It was an interesting movie. Would love to know the name of it.

      But beyond that, use to watch westerns all the time with my dad. Even browsed Encore Westerns back when I had satellite and that's where I found that movie. Really want to get back into the genre. Shame they don't make them anymore, but I guess there's only so many ways you have show a cowboy shooting some indians, lol.

      Thank you.
    • Hello, Poshbum. The name of the movie you are asking about is A Big Hand for the Little Lady. It came out in 1966 and starred Henry Fonda as the husband and Joanne Woodward as his wife. I really enjoy the film and watch it when ever it is on the tube.

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    • A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1966) - IMDb - <---- Click the IMDB link to see all kinds of info on the movie. It was an enjoyable movie. Paul Ford was pretty good in it, too. I looked around and could not find it online. YouTube will let you watch it on their pay channel for $2.99. That's why there probably aren't any free versions around.
      Amazon also has it to rent for $2.99

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    • I have seen that movie. It used to be on TV once in awhile. I love Henry Fonda and his acting.
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    • The movie is part of the Warner Archives collection and can be purchased from Amazon or Walmart online.
    • Welcome @PoshBum, @Phil Konstantin, & @Ken Briggs Glad to have you jump in here. I'll have to put A Big Hand for the Little Lady on my watch list.
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