One of "The Cowboys" is still ropin' and ridin'

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    • One of "The Cowboys" is still ropin' and ridin'

      Watching TV last night and flipping over between commercials and there's this big deal Rodeo on. Stopped for a minute to watch and hear the announcer introducing one of the competitors and saying "He starred in movies with John Wayne and is a seven time world rodeo champion" Stopped and looked and researched and Clay O'brien aka "Hardy Fimps" from The Cowboys, and "Billy Joe Cahill" is still a team roping competitor at an elite level. Pretty good for a 57 year old man.

      Once in John Wayne films, roper living 'fairy tale' life - San Antonio Express-News

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    • Wow. Thanks for the link. I've often wondered what ever happened to the kids in that film. The Cowboys is kids favorite Wayne movie hands down.
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