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    • Circus World

      I have 130 John Wayne films in my collection. Some of his earlier films are of very poor quality but I enjoy them because of Duke. Those that I could not find here in the U.S. I was able to find from some European websites. One of the hardest to find was "Circus World" starring John Wayne, Rita Hayworth, and Claudia Cardinale. I believe it was Hayworth's last movie. It was also the movie being made when Duke was diagnosed with cancer the first time. He had been complaining of shortage of breath while filming. His first movie after removal of a lung and several films was "The Sons of Katie Elder". During the filming of that, he insisted on doing some of his own stunts because his fans expected it.

      Amazon had "Circus World" ("Le Plus Grand Cirque Du Monde") for a little while after I got it. "Legend of the Lost" was another I got from an European distributer until it came out in the U.S. recently and I upgraded to a better transfer of the film. Other films I have gotten from foreign distributers on Blu-ray are "El Cid" and "55 Days in Peking". A couple of Samuel Bronston titles starring Charlton Heston.
    • Hi @Ken Briggs welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here. I'll have to admit that Circus World isn't one of my favorites, in fact I've only watched it thru one time. But I have ordered several Duke movie from foreign dist like I have a Red River DVD from Japan (I think).
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    • True. "Circus World" was not one of his best. I think it was more of a "last hurrah" for Rita as most of the plot was focused on her and her daughter. The wild west action scenes were somewhat dragging. Overall it was not a good movie. But a must have for true fans of the Duke. Just like "The Conqueror" and "Jet Pilot". In "The Conqueror", the dialogue reminded me a lot of a Shakespeare play.