Which John Wayne movie collection(s) are the best?

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    • Which John Wayne movie collection(s) are the best?

      As someone just getting into John Wayne movies, I was wondering which DVD/Bluray collections were the best, which overlapped, etc. I found a post on this website from around a decade ago and decided that it didn't have all the information I was after, so I went and compiled a list of the Duke's movies and which collections held which. Due to the sheer amount of collections available, I do not have all of them on this list, however, I do have 25 of them. Note that I did not account for the quality of these collections as I do not own many of them. You will have to decide which ones to get, I merely presented a comparable list of collections.

      Best deal: John Wayne & The Western Trios. At $12.99 for 50 movies, many of which are John Wayne movies, this is the best pack for a beginner or someone not wanting to spend a lot of money on movies.

      Complete collection: Four film favorites: John Wayne, John Wayne Collection: Ultimate 6-Film, John Wayne: Epic Collection, John Wayne film collection (DVD has more films than multi-format for slightly more money), John Wayne 10-movie collection, John Wayne Collection: Volume 2, John Wayne Signature Collection, John Wayne - Collector's edition (Ebay), John Wayne & The Western Trios, plus all movies where titles are red in the spreadsheet down below. Not cheap in the least, but if you're a dedicated collector or someone with a fair chunk of change to spend, that gets you all the movies that he has starring roles in, I do believe.

      Collection with most exclusives: John Wayne: Epic Collection. This set has the most amount of movies that no other set I found does.

      Spreadsheet comparing movie collections, in case you want to look for yourself and decide for yourself.

      Hope this helps anyone new to John Wayne or just starting a collection. If you have any tips or movies/collections I missed on the spreadsheet, please E-mail me at [email protected].

      -A rising Duke fan
    • I believe I have everyone that is reasonably available that it is confirmed that Duke was in. Some just aren't available anymore including two he played the lead in from the late 30s, Adventure's End and The Oregon Trail. I even have some of the pre-"Big Trail" movies where he was just a double or a prop man and can't necessarily be seen in the movie. The are some of those that aren't available. A few years ago a prominent member here who no longer posts (Elly-her posts are still here) found several others where Duke may have been involved that aren't included in any published filmography that I can find.