Travelling to San Francisco.

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    • Travelling to San Francisco.

      Hi All,

      I'm hoping to travel to San Francisco later in the year and the reason for this thread is twofold:

      1. Are there any John Wayne haunts that I should be looking out for?

      2. Does anyone have any recommendations for accommodation? What I have seen thus far is quite expensive but I am told this is the norm.

      Thank in advance.
    • Hello Robbie. While I've never been to San Francisco, I've had friends who lived in the area. They told me it is expensive all over the region there. A popular city and a tourist destination. You might be better off looking outside the city for hotels or motels and travel into the city to sight see.

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Robbie, if and when you get to "The City By The Bay", just be careful where you step. It seems that the large population of homeless people there have taken to using the sidewalks as their own personal bathroom and it's been getting ugly. A lot of folks complaining about the nastiness of it all. Seem the city has finally organized a "poop patrol", that goes around cleaning up after them people.