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    • John Wayne Collectibles

      Hey everyone I am new to this site. My dad has been collecting John Wayne collectibles for many years. He Thousands of dollars of John Wayne Item's. We live In Wolcott area and need to figure out how to move his collectibles for my mom as my Dad is in failing mental health. If Anyone has anyone they can suggest to contact I would be greatly appreciated. I would like his things to go to the right people as they mean a lot to him. Thanks for any help.
    • Hi @warren1020 welcome to the site!

      Sorry for you father's failing health. I would suggest eBay. I've sold many items over the years on eBay. That would be my suggestion. But someone might have other ideas.
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
      Official JWMB online store
    • Hello, warren1020. Welcome to the forum.

      I am also sorry to hear about your Father's failing health. I have to agree with Kevin. Ebay is your best bet to liquidate your Father's collection. It will also give you an idea about the value of what you have. I do wish you luck.

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • @warren1020 sorry about your father's health issues. I just had a quick at your area and there are loads of auction houses. Quite often they'll come to you to assess collections, they'll catalogue and auction them. And with something like a JW collection it's quite likely a lot of the stuff will end up with JW fans. They take more in commission than ebay but the ones online have a big reach. Good luck
    • I would go with a reputable auction house like Southebys or Heritage Auctions in lieu of Ebay. You can contact them to consign your items. They find people who are looking for historical memorabilia at the right prices, not like eBay for the masses. At least with the larger auction houses, you'll get to reserve a minimum price and also have collectors who realize the value bidding as opposed to a housewife or Joe Blow on eBay who may or may not realize the value in your collection.
    • Good advice, for the most part, except SOTHEBY'S no longer does general memorabilia sales - opting instead for single owner estates in excess of $1.5M.

      Most of the larger houses have per lot minimums or want only original items. I am unsure of what exactly your father collected. If, they are items touched by Wayne, then they are easily coveted. But, if you are referring to all the plates, mugs, guns and other commercially made products, they will most likely not make the grade at the big auction houses and eBay would be a good alternative.

      Good Luck.