The Red River D Belt Buckle

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    • I'll start digging into the couch cushions and see what I can come up with, Drpmkp! lol

      From the picture you shared, that would have been one hell of a view off his porch, that is for sure!

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • That's a lot of cheese. Now sure the wife would allow it. :D
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    • Apparently none of you work with real estate, estate sales and plat maps. The first image is the sale listing for the land Michael and Ethan put up for the Duke Hills Ranch down by Nogales. You can see the property was split into three parcels. Just to the NE of the top parcel is the Nogales Airport.

      This second images shows the plat map for the county, the three parcels the land was divided into and this map gives you the current owners name and info if you click on the parcel. The info in the center of each square is the play map ID info.

      The three images are what you see when you click on each parcel.

      The land was bought by the two people listed on the plat maps. And this info is "current".

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    • Back to the Red River D belt buckles.
      I purchased a solid brass buckle like the one pictured here a couple of months ago from a seller located in Texas from Ebay. Of course I was curious what the source of the buckle was. The seller gave me a vague answer such as "some guy in California makes them for us," however they could not provide a name of the maker or the place made.
      This similar style buckle can be found for sale on other places on the Internet priced anywhere from around $50 to as much as $160. They are listed as made from pewter, brass, bronze with brushed copper, brushed brass, nickel finish, 2-tone gold on nickel finish, etc.. I paid about $90 for my solid brass version.
      Does anyone on here know what source of this style buckle comes from? Are their generic molds in various different locations where they are cast? Is there one single mold at only one location. Are they factory made or individually hand crafted?
      • Red River D Buckle - Brass.jpg

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    • ********** UPDATE ********
      I have an update to post no. 21 that I previously shared on this thread.
      In the post I mentioned that I had discovered a theft report of a Red River D belt buckle with the initials 'HMc' on it that was reported stolen in the summer of 2015. There was a description and a photo of the buckle in the report.
      GOOD NEWS. I have been contacted by the owner of the buckle who said it indeed had NOT been stolen, but rather was put in a safer place during four days when the family had to evacuate the house due to a large forest fire in the area in 2015. It apparently was temporarily misplaced. The buckle is indeed SAFE.
      The buckle has the initials 'HMc' on it which stood for his mother's name at the time, Helen McSweeney. Helen was the personal dialogue secretary to Howard Hawks, and later to Busby Berkeley.
      She worked on the film 'Red River' and was friends with all the actors and actresses at the time. He adds, "When Howard and his wife would go out of town for a long weekend, Mom and her boyfriend (Who would later become her husband of 51 years and my father) would house sit and babysit David Hawks for Howard. They were very close. My father who was a sailor would go sailing on the ‘Sea Hawk’ with Howard and some of the actors, etc."
      He did not have any new information on the Red River D buckles but attached the photo of his buckle, a photo of John Wayne wearing his ‘HWH’ buckle and the great article 'History Of The Red River D Buckle' that Chris Hearn wrote several years ago that got me interested in the subject.
      Red River D Belt Buckle - The History
      • Red River D HMC Buckle - 01.jpg

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    • Fantastic. Awesome detail on the buckle. It looks like the Red River name and the brand are applied to the buckle. I thought they were stamped in. Great information, Drpmkp.

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Mark, the original Red River D belt buckles in 1946 were all individually hand crafted with everything individually applied and not stamped into the metal. The rope border around the edge of the buckle was silver wire tightly twisted to look like rope then applied to the buckle. Each was an original work of hand crafted art unique to itself. The 1948 buckles made for the opening of 'Red River' perhaps we're made a different way.
    • This is all interesting to me, read it all. Thanks Guys.
      Especially nice to be able to download the pictures of the Red River bell buckles.
      Also the map of the Trails from Texas to points North.
      "A people that values their Privileges above it's Principles. Soon looses both." Dwight Eisenhower

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    • HO! HO! HO! Where in the world can I get a box full of this unique ornament? I’m ready to head down to Red River country, bring back a beautiful Christmas tree and load these Red River D’s all over it!

      I found a website showing this ornament. Check it out:
      I can’t find them available anywhere, new or used. I’m not sure when they were available for sale. I sent a request to the Kurt S. Adler company to ask about it though.

      Kurt S. Adler is a wholesale company established in 1946 that specializes in the import and distribution of holiday decoration products. The company features the works of designers and licensed products from more than 150 factories throughout the world.

      So, do any of you folks have this unique #JW2143 Red River belt buckle ornament or know of anyone who does?
      • Kurt Adler Red River D Ornament - 02.jpg

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    • As I scan the Internet often finding more questions than answers about the Red River D buckles, ornaments, etc.. Let me present this one to you folks.

      I’m curious about this Red River D belt buckle with belt that was auctioned off by Heritage Auctions in October, 2011.

      A 'Red River D' Belt, 1950s.... Movie/TV Memorabilia Memorabilia | Lot #44171 | Heritage Auctions

      The description of the item is; “A 'Red River D' Belt, 1950s. A sterling silver buckle with a 'rope' trim, with 14k gold details reading "Red D River" and "JW" plus two wavy lines and a tiny steer head; belt made of black leather, inside lining embossed "Sy Devore," size 42, with evident heavy wear. Buckle: 1" x 2 1'2. This is a smaller version of Wayne's famous 'Red River D' belt buckle where the design was based on the cattle brand his character, "Thomas Dunson," used in the 1948 United Artists film, "Red River." Wayne wore the bigger buckle in countless films and kept it for the remainder of his life. After his death, it was stolen and has not surfaced since. He wore this smaller buckle in his personal life.”

      I have never heard that John Wayne owned a smaller Red River D buckle that he wore in his personal life. It does not have any date in the upper right corner. Just a steer head. I know some of the 26 Bar Ranch belt buckles had steer heads. Does anyone have any information on this particular buckle?
      • Red River D - JW Small - 01.jpg

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