The Red River D Belt Buckle

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    • I mentioned in a previous post several months ago that I located an individual that claimed to own an unfinished Red River D buckle that was made in the same shop as the original 1946 buckles made for the cast and crew members of 'Red River.' The buckles were made in the La Azteca Silver Shop in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico just across the border from Nogales, Arizona. The filming location of Howard Hawks 'Red River' film took place in 1946 in Elgin, Arizona just about fifty or so miles from Nogales.
      The Martinez family owned the La Azteca Silver Shop in Nogales for over thirty years. Brothers Jose and Elias were excellent craftsman in the jewelry and silver field. In the early 1960's the shop was sold to a successful Nogales businessman named Jose Guadalupe Jimenez Cortes. He was known to his friends as 'Lupe' and to thousands of customers as "Mickey" because of his longtime proprietorship of Mickey & Cia. on Avenida Obregen in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.
      This buckle was located in the shop among the other items included in the sale. Lupe gave it to his son. I located him and corresponded via text messages on several occasions. He said, yes, he indeed have the buckle and was very excited about sharing photos of it with me when he got the chance. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple months ago. I was able to follow up with his son who did locate the buckle provide me these photos to show you.

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    • I am sorry about the death of Arturo, but it is so cool that you were dogged enough to finally get a picture of the buckle. Are you thinking of making an offer to the son? That would be a hell of an addition to your collection.

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
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      Here is a photo I found of a variation on the design of the Red River D buckle.
      The buckle has the rope design around the edges with a loop in the lower left corner containing a star. There is a large 'D' used to spell put the name 'DUKE'S.' Between the two wavy lines is the word 'HOLLYWOOD" and at the bottom is the word 'COWBOYS.'

      I have never seen anything like it before. I believe it was sold via Ebay or Etsy in March 2018 to at least one individual. More perhaps could have been sold.

      Does anyone have any information on this buckle or happen to own one? Just curious.

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