Ridgway Old West Fest planned to celebrate 50th Anniversary of True Grit movie

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    • Ridgway Old West Fest planned to celebrate 50th Anniversary of True Grit movie

      Kevin added a new article:

      2019 marks the 50th anniversary of True Grit, the movie that earned John Wayne his only Academy Award. The famous director Henry Hathaway brought a cast and crew to Ridgway and Ouray County in the summer of 1968 to film much of the movie, which was released in 1969. The first annual Ridgway Old West Fest, organized by the Ridgway Western Heritage Society and scheduled for October 11-13, 2019, will celebrate Ridgway's brief transformation into Fort Smith, Arkansas, half a century ago.

      Festivities will highlight Ridgway’s film, ranching and railroad heritage and celebrate Western arts and culture. “We are planning a variety of family friendly fun events,” said Eve Becker-Doyle, the Ridgway Western Heritage Society president. “Many events will be free and others will be well worth the price of admission. Activities will include a Western art show, kids’ horse and pony rides, showings of both movies, a youth horse parade, a natural horsemanship demo, train rides, a Western concert and more.”

      The Ridgway Chamber of Commerce runs an 11:00 Friday morning walking tour about the filming from May to October. The tour will be offered as one of many festival activities on both Saturday and Sunday. In 2010 True Grit was remade in a second version starring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld, inspiring a new generation of fans and triggering interest in the original movie.

      True Grit Days, held in 2007 in Ridgway, was the precursor of next year's festival. 5,000 people…
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    • That would be a very interesting and fun weekend to attend. Too far for me, but I hope a member or two might make it there and give us the full details. Pics will be expected! :D

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    • I would like to make this one, wish it was more in the summer. Only 351 miles for me, shortest route. Maybe i will go up in September.
      If anyone gets any more on this. Please post it. Colkid
      Also, that is in one of the most beautiful places in the state of
      Colorado. Which has more beautiful places then you can imagine.
      October average high is 58 and the average low is 33, pretty good,
      It is at about 7000 feet.
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    • Your closer than me. Lol, this is a long ways from Atlanta. I would love to visit, October in Colorado will be beautiful.
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