True Grit 50th Anniversary in Theaters May 2019

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  • Kevin added a new article:


  • I just checked, and a theater 30 minutes away from me will be showing it on May 5th. I think I may need to schedule that into my vacation week. :D


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • I probably watch it every year.

    But have you seen it on the big screen? I haven't. Truth be told, The Shootist was the only John Wayne film I saw on the big screen. Bengies Drive In Theater, back when the film came out. I was hooked since then.

    As a side note, 40 years after I saw it at Bengies, that Drive in is still open. Rare, indeed!


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • I almost skipped it; but then I thought, "this has been my favorite movie since I was 6 years old, and how many chances do you get to see Duke "on the big screen?!"

    I bought my ticket in advance and am glad I did; for the 1pm showing, there were only a few good seats left! Guess I'm not the only Duke fan in town!

  • I'm sad to say, I missed it. I was on vacation this week and meant to finish it off with a viewing. But, I just didn't get there. I am glad to hear that the theater was near packed, ZS_Maverick. He still draws the crowd!


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • @dukefan1 it might be show a second night. I know here it's playing again Wednesday night.

    Super pleased to finally see this in the theater. This movie came out the summer after I was born 1969, so I made it a point to go see it today.

    BTW, did anyone see the trivia questions before the movie started? If so, they asked how tall was John Wayne, and I was surprised with the answer.

    Not sure this is correct. 5' 9" with lifts in his shoes?!

  • You figure if he's 5' 9" 4" lifts gets him 6' 1" maybe 6' 2".

    I call BS of that trivia answer.

    He was 6.4" I think. I watched the Phil Donahue interview from around 1976 and you get a real sense of just how big the Duke was. How intelligent and charming and self effacing too. Think the audience were eating out of his hand and rightly so. Wonderful candid interview....

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  • Bumping an old thread, but I was SO looking forward to seeing True Grit in the theaters. I left half way thru, went home and watched the rest on my bluray. The film was in such shoddy shape. It had the quality of a VHS tape, and there was a horizontal red line running thru the bottom of the image. What a disappointment!

  • Will the movie be released on 4k HDR? TRUE GRIT and indeed many other Duke westerns could be released in 4k versions I believe.

    The WAR WAGON - BIG JAKE - CHISUM - RIO LOBO - THE TRAIN ROBBERS - THE UNDEFEATED and possibly THE SEARCHERS could benefit from the 4k HDR treatment.

    Don't get me wrong the Blu-ray version are superb with great picture and colour, with the 4k HDR treatment those elements would be enhanced further...

    Just a few thoughts...

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