John Wayne Stand-In

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    • John Wayne Stand-In

      I met a fellow in the late 1970's that was working as a contractor and we worked together on bidding a couple of jobs. He was working as an independent and didn't have a license. That was where I came in as I was a state licensed general contractor. His name was Dwight Stanley and he stated he was 86 years old. A large, muscular man for his age. He stated that he was a stand-in for John Wayne and was also a movie extra in the movie Stagecoach. Whether or not he was a stand-in for just that movie is unknown to me. However, he did mention that as an extra in the movie, he played the Indian that rolled the horse as it was going over an embankment. I remembered the scene well as it had been one in that movie that had stuck in my mind.

      Sorry, I didn't get to know him better and get more information from him, but I believe everything he told me was true.
    • Hello dklinsey, and welcome to the board.

      That is an interesting story you have. I bet in hindsight, you wish you had asked more questions of him. We all look back in time and wish at things. But you do have the memory of the encounter with him.

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

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