John Wayne, the hunter (USA and Africa)

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    • John Wayne, the hunter (USA and Africa)


      I search for some serious informations and pictures about "John Wayne, the outdoorman and hunter" (in real life).

      I know, that he was sponsored from Weatherby, that he love the outdoorstyle/wildlife, that he hunted in the US and in Africa (several real safaris).

      Did somebody has some infos?
      Are there books (even the old ones) or magazine articels about that?

      Thank you.

    • There are myn books/biographies about him. The most are very cheap, I have bought them and serach there...
      (If somebody wants to post some Infos, this will be great.)
      Thank you.
      Best wishes.

      THE BOOKS:
      Duke: Life/Times John Wayne 1,27 EUR 7%
      1 The Young Duke: The Early Life of John Wayne 1,27 EUR 7%
      1 John Wayne, My Father 1,68 EUR 7%
      1 John Wayne: American 1,41 EUR 7%
      1 John Wayne: A Giant Shadow 1,38 EUR 7%
      1 John Wayne: My Life With the Duke 1,60 EUR 7%
      1 Duke: Life and Image of John Wayne, the: The Life and Image of John Wayne 1,27 EUR 7%
      1 John wayne 2,53 EUR 7%
      1 The Films of John Wayne 3,60 EUR 7%
      1 Duke: The Life And Times Of John Wayne 1,27 EUR 7%
    • Hello Dr. FM, and welcome to the forum. I have also read many books about Duke, but I don't remember any detailed accounts of him hunting. I know he hunted in Africa during the film Hatari. I also know he was hunting when he accidentally shot Ward Bond in the butt. But it never went into details about the hunts. I wish I could help you more. I wish you luck in your search.

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    • As I understand it. Duke and Ward were on a quail hunt. A covey flushed. Duke swang on a bird and shot Ward in the butt. Duke then carried Ward on his back to the truck. He apparently wasn’t badly hurt. Oh and Ward was shot with his own shotgun. He willed it to Duke after he passed away.

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