I need help with this trivia question...

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    • I need help with this trivia question...

      I need some help finding the answer to a trivia question and don't know who to ask or where to look for the answer...There was an original film that JW was in. That film was remade. The original movie was based off of a book. Apparently that book is obscure? I'm looking for the name of that book.

      I've tried looking at movie tin-in book lists and have guess the following books (where JW films were based off of them, and the movies were remade) but they were incorrect: The Searchers,
The Cowboys,
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,
Rio Bravo
,The Quiet Man - Green Rushes,
The Chisholm Trail (Red River),
True Grit,
The Stage of Lordsburg (Stagecoach),
The Gift of Cochise (Hondo)
,Harm’s Way (In Harm’s Way),
The Bible - Genesis (Noah’s Ark),
The Sons of Katie Elder
,The Alamo (by Frazee and one by Tinkle)
,Big Jake
,Grandmother Bernle Learns Her Letters
,The Spoilers,
Movie Action Magazine (The Oregon Trail)
, and Louis Beretti.

      I don't know anything else in regards to the trivia question unfortunately. Thanks all!
    • Try "The Stars and Their Courses", by Harry Brown. It was adapted in to the film El Dorado, which could be considered a loose remake of Rio Bravo. The book bears very little similarities to the actual movie, which could be what they meant by obscure.

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    • How about True Grit?

      The book was written by Charles Portis and is a very enjoyable story. The details of the story are historically accurate. For example he refers to the train tracks that run behind McAlester’s store. In fact McAlester’s store in McAlester, Oklahoma does have a train track running behind it.

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