New member from the Peoples Republic of Marylandstan...

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    • New member from the Peoples Republic of Marylandstan...

      Just recently found this site...taking my time reading through it.

      I've been a Duke fan my whole life. I even have a few photos autographed by that he gave to my dad many years ago. My dad owned a newspaper and met many politicians, actors and other celebrities. I'm not saying my dad and Duke were friends...just that my dad came in contact with many through his newspaper and Duke as well as many others were gracious enough to provide autographs. Some politicians and celebs were not very gracious at all.

      I'm a retired federal law enforcement officer and dealt with many myself...some were extraordinarily friendly and gracious...some were the most arrogant and pompous people you can imagine regardless of how they came across in the media.

      Just looking forward to being a member here.
      "It was me...I shot Liberty Valance."
    • Hello, my fellow Marylander! That's great that you have signed pictures of Duke. I would have loved to have one of his autograph cards that he handed out to fans. Please, feel free to share the images with us, if you want to. Never get enough of Duke!

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • welcome to the forum! There's years of discussions to read thru. You've hit the John Wayne gold mine.
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
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    • Thanks for the welcomes! It's much appreciated.

      I do have a number of John Wayne's a coupe of pics of some of them...

      Here's two Winchester is a John Wayne commemorative from soon after he passed away, the there is from 2007 for the anniversary of his birth along with a Colt Single Action Army John Wayne Commemorative in .45 Colt along with a Colt "Duke" .22 revolver with a few other pieces of memorabilia.

      Here's a John Wayne Poker set with some more pieces round it with a Colt Single Action Army with replica grips as he used.

      This is the signed photo he gave to my dad years ago and it hangs on the wall of my office.
      "It was me...I shot Liberty Valance."
    • Very, very nice! I love those pistols! I bet your Dad treasured that autograph as much, if not more than all the ones he got from others over the years. You have some strong willpower for not opening and sampling at least one of those bourbon bottles! Many thanks for sharing these with us!

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

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