Looking for a movie with a man on a horse saving a bull in river

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    My grandfather always tells me that when he was young, around 1955-1956, he was herding cattle in a very long journey when they found out an american film crew in the middle of nowhere near a river in Sonora, Mexico. He told us that the people in the movie crew offered $100 USD to whoever accepted to film a scene of a man riding a horse entering a river and saving a bull by the horns. He took the offer and did the scene. Now he is 89 years old and we are trying to find this movie, so we can watch him as a Hollywood star. That must happened around 1955-1956 in Sonora, Mexico, so the movie probably was released in those years. He told us the movie name is "A lo largo del camino" or something like "Along the road" or "Along the way", but we couldn't find it by those names. We will be very thankful if somebody help us to find that movie!