In search of long lost family artifact

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  • Hello All!

    I just found this community online during a search for a lost family artifact and I'm wondering if this site could be of any help?

    I, like many Iowans, claim Mr. Wayne as a relative (1st cousin, twice removed) - my great grandmother (Stella Meyer) was actually Mr. Wayne's godmother. My father, who Mr. Wayne actually named a movie character after (long story short, the Buckman family in Hellfighters is from my dad's elementary school nickname, "Ricky Buckaman"). When my grandmother, Eileen Schlesselman, died, my father was left Mr. Wayne's baptismal certificate in her will. However, when it came time to recover said certificate, it had mysteriously disappeared; which, has been an extremely sore spot to my father who finds very little value in material things - this certificate being the one exception.

    So, I ask the many people on this dedicated site to Mr. Wayne, that if anyone were to come across the baptismal certificate of Marion Robert Morrison if you would be kind enough to let me know? At the very least, knowing that it's in safe hands would be of some relief to my father.

    Thank you and I hope to learn much more about the cousin I never met :)