john wayne years he lived in lancaster california

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    • john wayne years he lived in lancaster california

      hello I'm a newbie as of early this morning yay I was navigated here after Googling a question I wanted to respond to a conversation where John Wayne lived in Lancaster California as a boy. after finding out that the thread was done back in 2007 it was requested I start a new one so here it is. :) . I too have grown up in Lancaster was born here in 1960 and I never knew John Wayne lived here as many people still don't!. I don't remember how it was I found this information out but not many people that I have noticed group Pages know about it either so there isn't a whole lot of information to be gathered. there was a valley historian here by the name of Glenn settle who wrote most everything cool about this area it was almost time for Bicentennial in 76 and he had written a letter to John Wayne asking if it were true that he attended Lancaster Elementary School as there was no photographs of John Wayne as a lad in any pictures that were seen. Mr Wayne responded with a whole page of yummy information haha and explain his reason of why there probably were no pictures of him at that school is because he didn't really go to school a whole lot! and he laughed about it! he was nicknamed skinny because the horse he borrowed from his buddy was a very sick horse and very very skinny the old biddies in Lancaster didn't like it when he rode the horse and they nicked named him skinny as well. the house that John Wayne's grandfather built was pretty tiny and from what John Wayne wrote to Mr settle it was kind of attached 2 another house on property he called tru Nursery. that little house is still there at the nursery which the name has been changed a couple of times since then I know it as Superior nursery for about 40 years now and the location fits perfectly as to where the property was that they farmed 80 acres. having lived in that area in a house only quarter of a mile away all through the 70s I am as familiar with that area as I am with my own hair LOL!!I i treaded the same Earth John Wayne did as a boy when I was young that's too cool! so as to where exactly the Eighty Acres was that they farmed I know that they did put in water pipes and there could only be two locations that that 80 acres was, one being on the same side of Sierra Highway that the home was built on, because the water pipes are still there in the ground as well as the little Wells popping up and nothing has been built in that area for as long as I can remember so that could be the place or the second location being just across the street in an area that all the kids in this town new fondly as Shorty's Swapmeet which was the most awesome junkyard in town haha!!! which would put it on the east side of the tracks and Sierra. Highway Sierra Highway was the only road going from Lancaster to Palmdale which would put it on the east side of the tracks and Sierra Highway .it's possible they moved because of a drought during that time which we have usually every 10 years horrible droughts! many people have to move because they lose everything but it is known that the family then moved about 20 miles east and south into the Foothills in the area known as Llano and Bob's is said that John Wayne's father had tuberculosis many people from around the whole country were sent to this area because of its for tuberculosis there was a sanatorium out in that area in Juniper Hills so it stands to reason that they did move to the Llano area until an outbreak of tuberculosis there moved them into the Glendale area. not many people that live here know that the road from Bob's Gap and Llano continue on up into Big Rock Creek and all the way through the mountain pass into Altadena Pasadena Glendale area it's an awesome road takes only about an hour it doesn't go up high into the mountains that stays down low and it is never been maintained by county or Forestry but I'm sure that was a very good shortcut back in the 1914 through 1930s era. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;:)
    • Hello and welcome to the board, Shelli Logan. Thanks for sharing your story with us. If you are a reader, one of our members wrote a book titled, John Wayne Was Here. In the book, he takes the reader on a trip to all the shooting locations Duke filmed at, all the places he partied and many other great tidbits. He also has a section of the book that goes over all the places Duke lived as a child. I found it a great read!

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