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  • I finally came back here after a long time, and it was very enjoyable. A few members I know are dead and there might be some I don't know about. Reading the old posts give me good memories. Maybe people who come here can post a little bit about themselves. I entered the site about 20 years ago and am a western fan from Norway. I was active for a while, but it died down a little. Still love westerns and John Wayne.

    Popol Vuh


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    I'm still here (obviously) 😂

    Glad you popped back in Popol Vuh

    The forum still gets a good bit of traffic just not a lot of posts. Many of the old timers are either dead or don't have much to contribute anymore. Seems that some of the discussions have move to Facebook which is sad to me but there's little I can do to change that. Facebook is more convenient for fans.

    But I'm committed to keeping the form alive for as long as I can. There's a wealth of information within the pages of this website. You could spend many hours perusing through the threads on this forum.

    Maybe one day they'll be a resurgence of activity here on the JWMB, and some of the old timers will come back and jump back in.

    Time will tell.

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    Hi 4782UU

    Glad you are still keeping the forum alive Kevin. I have gained most of my John Wayne information here. Facebook is not for me.

    Don't be a stranger, jump back in here and help us rekindle some activities around here. 😁

  • I haven't been here myself for a little while now. Although I mainly read and look at old posts. John Wayne will never get old with me! Quite thrilled here too as I will finally see Duke on the big screen next month. I only ever saw him on TV but a cinema in Antwerp is showing The Searchers. I know it's silly but I was jumping up and down when I found out!