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    • Hey everyone. I'm a longtime John Wayne fan from Florida. I'm 50, married with 3 college-age kids and I love to watch John Wayne movies. My top 5 in no particular order are El Dorado, Hatari!, The Quiet Man, Rio Bravo, and Donovan's Reef. I watch them every time they're on TV.
      Besides liking his movies, I admire the Duke's politics and the way he treated people. I wish more guys were like him today.

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    • Hello everyone just come across this site while looking up something and any one that loves the Duke as I do ought to be good folk. This picture was taken this past September with Eclipse just enforce we sold her. Very sweet little mare with a big heart.
      Looking forward to chit chat with others.
    • Today is March 8, 2018 and I am here because of the book HERE COME EXTERMINATOR! by Eliza McGraw in which, on page 103, is mentioned the filming of the Hot Springs Handicap by the director Harry Revier for his film Challenge of Chance starring Jess Willard and Arline Pretty. The horse who won that race was the 1918 winner of the Kentucky Derby EXTERMINATOR and I was hoping to find at least a clip or still of EXTERMINATOR especially since the camera car got a little close to the horses in the stretch and Exterminator almost ran it over in his hurtling rush to the finish line. Yes, I am 'horse-mad' even at my advanced age.

      Although I like the Duke, I am not a big fan. I am sorry that his investments didn't work out and he had to un-retire however. The movie business is grueling.
    • Howdy,

      Stumbled across this forum while searching for pictures of Ethan Edwards' rifle scabbard from The Searchers. Been a Duke fan all my life. Grew up and live in Orange County, not far from John Wayne's Newport Beach. I watch the planes land at John Wayne airport from my office!.

      Looking forward to learning more about the Duke and his movies from you all!