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    • Hey Trooper, that's a good name you picked for yourself. I tried a little western riding myself and know it can be a great joy. Keep on going!

      Larry, that's a neat place you're writing from - Disneyland Paris! They came pretty close to closing this time, didn't they. At the last minute the banks backed them up again. Imagine that huge place becoming kinda ghost town, incredible.
    • Hello, Larry, thanks for the welcome. Was it the westerns that got me hooked on the Duke? Partly, yes. It was mostly just him...not his character in movies, but he himself. He was a great man. Very conservative. I'm not a westerner, though...I'm a southerner. :mellow: Anyhow, again, thanks for the welcome.

      (is ticked that her avatar isn't working <_<)
      "That&#39;ll be the day..."
    • I'm sending out a BIG WELCOME to the new members!!!

      Welcome to the site, and hope to see more of you in the coming months!

      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
      Official JWMB online store
    • Hi Everybody -

      I'm a newbie, as everybody can see. Can't stay long for now - just to let you know I'm a born and raised and lifelong resident of San Antonio, TX, so the Duke had strong ties here. I understand that another San Antonian was a good friend of Duke's - Big John Hamilton - who appeared in a number of his pictures. I have been looking over this site for a little over a week and found such a lot of fascinating information that I had to register.
      Am looking forward to interrelating with the group.
      Have a good day all!
      Cheers - Jay:beer:
      "Not hardly!!!"
    • Jay,

      Welcome to the John Wayne Message Board, the best of its kind this side of dot com! We're glad to have you!

      You weren't by any chance at the Dean Smith Celebrity Rodeo a couple of weeks ago, were you?

      We look forward to getting to know you better in the days to come.

      Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:
    • :cowboy: Hi Jay, welcome to this great site. Also, I live about 100 or so miles away from you going towards The Gulf of Mexico in the Sparkling City By The Sea. Best regards--TRK.

      PS: Go to the Antiques Mall in San Antonio and you will find a few who sell things to do with The Duke, and for fair prices. I picked up a soda can there about 2 yrs ago, that has images of The Duke on it from the movie: "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" and I paid only $5.00 for it.
      Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..
    • Hi SXViper, chester7777 and Ringo Kid. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm a FNG (fairly new guy) to this internet business, so I'm kinda feeling my way along as I go.
      Chester - I didn't find this site until after the rodeo happened, though I read about it a lot on this site. I've spotted Dean Smith in several of the Duke's movies, especially El Dorado where he is done in by James Caan in the cantina.
      Ringo - Yes, I'm familiar with the Antiques Mall - my wife was an avid antiquer until she became bedridden a few years ago, so I visited a lot in the '90s.
      I'm looking forward to interrelating with you folks and all the rest. Have a great day.
      Cheers - Jay:beer:
      "Not hardly!!!"
    • Hello everybody,
      What an incredible site. I am such a big John Wayne fan I had to join. I have been a fan and a little bit of a collector for several years now, so finding this site was like finding a gold mine to me. Hope to post often and am looking forward to chatting with everyone.

      Baby Sister

      By the way.....where do you all get the JW avatars? I have to have one!

      "Give me a man like Duke Wayne"...Marueen O&#39;Hara
    • Welcome Baby Sister,

      Glad you found us and decided to stop by. We seem to be picking up the pace with new members. Nice to see us growing so much. I look forward to sharing things with you.
      As for the avatars there was a member who had a site for them and he let us use them for free, but I don't have the url. And we had a board "crash" so I am unable to search for that info. I am sure 1 of the moderators have it.

      Again, Welcome and see you soon :jump: :cowboy:
      Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
      -John Wayne
    • Originally posted by Baby Sister@Nov 22 2004, 02:05 PM
      By the way.....where do you all get the JW avatars? I have to have one!

      Baby Sister,

      First of all, we would like to welcome you to the John Wayne Message Board, undoubtedly the best of its kind around! Friendly, knowledgeable folks in generally a friendly atmosphere. We hope you'll stick around!

      As to your question about the avatars, go to Off Topic Discussions - Avatars, and you should be up and running with an avatar of your own in no time.

      Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:
    • Well, hello... thanks for the kind welcome. I'm proud to be among folks that have the good sense to recognize quality when they see /or hear it. I, like millions of others across the globe, still miss Big John. It shouldn't be forgotten that many thanks also go out to the ones who inspired and befriended a boy named Marion such as John Ford, Harry Carrie Sr., the writer's for all of his successful films, sound, lighting and set crews. The members of the so called John Ford Stock Co. The world hasn't seen a successful collaboration of talent like that before or since.

      Big John, for all the characters he portrayed, was always true to his principles and to his adoring fans. Yes, a principled person whom "says what he means and means what he says". No regrets... or at least none to speak of. He was himself, un-apologetically. The way that most of his fans are, Id expect. (I know I am.) :)

      If there ever really was a Mr. America it was John Wayne. His popularity transcends the generations he originally entertained. (Yes, our children are even showing signs of good sense too. ha,ha.)

      Please God, continue to bless America.

      Nuff-said for now. Your comments are welcomed. - Ben
    • Welcome BenFerko to the John Wayne Message Board. Looks like I'm the first to directly congratulate you on becoming a member. I've been a member only since mid-November, but have already had a very enjoyable time here. I'm sure you will also find lots to enlighten you about the Duke and much more besides.

      Cheers - Jay :D
      Cheers - Jay:beer:
      "Not hardly!!!"

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