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    • Hi

      I'm Rick Spector. I collect vintage film memorabilia and have had many pieces from Duke. I helped catalog the estate sale in 2011. Not here to do any business, as I am retired for the most part, but like to hear and see what other fans think and feel after all these years. So much of Western film history seems to be missing the newer generations, although it appears John Wayne is immune to that. :D
    • Hello and welcome to the board, staristars!

      You say you have "had" many pieces from Duke. Does that mean you sold them? How could you? lol

      There have been a few good westerns the last decade or so, but nothing like it use to be. That is a shame. But you are right, Duke is immune. He is still somewhere on the tv every week. And we still watch, even after seeing them a million times.

      Feel free to tell us about some of the Duke related pieces you have owned over the years. Share a pic or two if you have them. We never get enough Duke!

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Hiya Everyone,
      Not a new member, but it has been awhile since I have signed on to the JWMB. I will need to catch up and read through the forums posts. I moved from Pennsylvania to Raleigh,NC and have become a Biker Pastor so much of my time is helping the needy, and interacting with Biker clubs, ministries, and groups.