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    • I believe Hondo (1953) is credited with the first appearance of the rough-out gun belt. As for the maker, I don't know if anyone actually knows. John Bianchi designed the holster for Duke and possibly the belt. I've read that Anderson didn't make a rig for Duke until 1969. Anderson didn't move to LA until 1958, so I'm pretty sure that with him living in Arkansas at the time Hondo was filmed, he wouldn't have made that rig. One other name that has been fielded, about the maker of the first gun belt, is Bob Brown of Hollywood. Good luck with your research!

      Hanomag wrote:

      Thank You for letting me join. I really was searching for an answer to question and this site came up. I had recently purchased a replica western rig and now every western film I watch Im just looking at gunbelts the whole time! Anyways.. in what film did the Duke first start wearing his signature 2 tone gun belt...? And was it made by Andy Andersen?
    • Just rewatched Hitari and enjoyed a flash to the past. I lived in Kenya for a couple of years, left in the summer of 1958, within a couple of years of when the film was shot. The head game warden for the Masai Mara was having lion trouble. Two were killing cattle and threatening herd boys and it was only time until someone was hurt or killed. I took out the worst of the two and shortly after left the country. Found out later that a request to take out the second had been called in, two weeks after I had left. Magnificent animals and always tragic when the conflicts of population expansion reduce animal habitat and force game reductions. The Masai Mara of southern Kenya is very much like the terrain in Tanzania where Hitari was filmed. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy your forum. I have watched a great many of the Duke’s films over the years.